Q4 2020 Updates

In Q4, we were focused on giving you the information you want to see, much more readily. We added a few different filters, search fields and column headings, as well as the ability to assign workflows to multiple objects instead of one.

Approval Dashboard | Purchase Support Filters
Within the Approval Dashboard, we have added new filters, enabling the user to filter by Purchase Request and Purchase Request Line Item.

Improvements to Financial Transaction Management UX
At the top of the Transactions page, we’ve added a currency drop-down that has the same functionality as it does on the settings page. On save, the Transactions page will refresh to the new currency.

We have also added a search function above the grid—similar to Plan—enabling users to choose a specific Plan-level ID or name to search and then fill in the Plan selector to that level and result.

Headers in the Link to Budget Screen
We’ve added headers on the Link to Budget screen, providing a more organized display.

Object Workflow Designations
With the addition of a set of checkboxes, users can now select more than just one workflow object.

Notifications to Sys_gen balance and Unlinked Line Items
To help prevent issues down the line, we have implemented a notification alerting users if they have a Sys_ gen balance and or Unlinked Line Item.

Monthly PR Cost Columns
We’ve added a column for monthly spend of a Purchase Request line Item within the Finance Budget’s line item sub-grid. PR lines have an associated delivery date and a forecasted monthly bucket of when the expense will be incurred. This is where that amount posts.

Q3 2020 Updates

We have been busy this quarter bringing some very exciting new features to you all, such as the new tips for Custom Attributes, more options for your Calendar, more enhancements to both our inspection window and JIRA integration, and more!

Tool Tips
We have added a field for Tool Tip to the Attribute Record, sharing an informative note to display on the screen with an “i” icon and hover capability. If you have tips you would like to see on your custom attributes, contact your customer service team.

Calendar Popup Custom Attributes | Add Owner as Option
We have added ‘Owner’ standard field as a configuration for calendar popup in the calendar grid. Now, based on the owner toggle in “theme” settings for client admins, the owner field is visible under the tactic popup.

New Inspection Window UX/UI
Following a successful, five-month beta test, Hive9’s new tactic inspection window has officially replaced the old version. We have also added some additional front-end enhancements to improve your experience. The old inspection window will be retired on the 24th of October, 2020. Users can switch to the new version before then in their settings window.

For more details on the new features, watch here for a video tour, or read a summary here.

Continued JIRA Integration Enhancements
We are continuing to grow and support our Jira integration and to introduce new and useful functionality.

Modifications to Start and End Fiscal Year
Customers can now elect to have their fiscal year in Hive9 based on the year of the beginning month or the year of the ending month. This is important in the retail industry, for example, where it is common for companies to have a fiscal year that ends in January but they want it to be for the prior year. They would use the start year choice in Hive9. We have now adjusted our reports to recognize this nuance as well.

Period Based (Budget would use new “available budget” in the current period)
For users who are using the Hard Stop functionality in the finance budget, we have added Period Based functionality, enabling the use of a new “available budget” column in the current period (month or quarter). It represents the cumulative unused budget from previous periods added to the budget allocated for the current period. This can be a powerful catch-all for marketers who need to capture every available resource in their plans.

Q2 2020 Updates

We have been busy this quarter bringing some very exciting new features to you all, such as the new inspection window, purchase support features, custom approval workflows, a better way to manage and release your budgets, and an integration with JIRA.

New Inspection Window

Early in this quarter, we released our new inspection window, which we have been continuing to modify and improve based on your feedback. More on the new inspection window can watched in this tutorial video.

Purchase Support Module

In this optional module, we have added functionality that allows users to select line items within Hive9 and assign them to a Hive9 purchase request. These purchase requests speak with your financial systems to help generate a purchase order that can then be recorded, referenced and augmented within Hive9.

Purchase requests sit within the line item section of the tactic inspection window. Each purchase request can have its own custom attributes and multiple purchase request lines.

Transactions are at the purchase requests’ line level and can include links to images of POs and invoices.

The approval grid is attached to the PR with signoff dates and comments. Users can originate acknowledgement of receipt inside of Hive9.

Contact Customer Success if you are interested in adding this module.

Multi-Level Approval Workflow

We have developed custom approval workflow functionality, allowing an unlimited number of workflows per Hive9 customer to be applied to (currently) campaigns, programs, tactics or purchase requests.

These can be created by admins for specific teams.  

These workflows can build up to 26 levels, allowing for “and/or” approvals, as well as financial limits.

Once the workflow is created, a graphical representation can be generated.

Workflows are assigned to plan objects based on their record owner’s default workflow and can be overridden.

This is a feature available to all of our customers. We look forward to hearing about your experiences using it.

Budget Release – Hard Stops for Over-Budget Scenarios

We have added a flag on the budget inspection screen that indicates whether the budget amounts represent hard or soft limits as a default and the default time frame (annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly).

Budget Release – Comments on Budget Rows

We’ve included an @reference capability within all comments (within the tactic inspection window, as well) to drive a notification to the referenced user. Find a user after typing at least three characters following the @ symbol.

Budget Release – Managing and Releasing Unused Budgets

We have added a new column for “Cumulative Unused Budget” that shows only in the current period (quarter or month). If a line is managed quarterly, the unused budget column will be in the current quarter.

We have also added an “Available Budget” column that is the total of the budget plus the unused budget (if there is one). This column is used for the “hard stop” comparisons.

JIRA Integration

Also in this release, we built a new integration with JIRA to better sync up with your project management needs and work better with systems you may already have in place.

Custom Order for Attributes and Field Options

Multiple users have asked to order their attributes or the options in an attribute in a way other than alphabetic. We have modified the display attribute and options to display in a custom order within the grids, inspection window, reports, external name field, theme page and tactic import.

Copy-To Window -1180

We have modified the copy-to window to include a Plan year dropdown, allowing the user to filter plans more efficiently.

Q1 2020 Updates

In our first quarterly update of 2020, we present a number of improvements we’ve made to calendars, admin capabilities, campaign monitoring and finance budget reporting. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

More Calendar Changes
We’ve been making big improvements to the Hive9 calendar in recent months, bringing the old calendar into retirement in Release 7.8. We hope you’ve been enjoying the new features, and we’re still continuing to add more enhancements. 

In this newest calendar update, you have the ability to sort by both name and date, giving you more flexibility into how you organize your plans.

Picking Teams
First off, we’ve made it easier to bring more members of your organization into Hive9. When admins create new users, they can now easily choose which team(s) users will belong to by selecting “add team.” A rundown of each user’s team status is clearly shown on his or her account information.

When they’re importing information into Hive9, admins can determine which teams new users are members of, as well as what permissions they have: e.g., can they edit team content?

Identifying Roles
We’ve also added another improvement for admins: You can now more easily identify their roles by using a visual cue.

On the roles pages in your settings, we’ve added a dedicated icon for the system role.

Monitoring Campaigns
To help you better track campaigns over the long term, we’ve added the ability to monitor over the years.

On the home grid, you can now filter tactics by linking them to previous and/or next years.

Finance Budget Reports
We’ve also been making some enhancements to our Finance Budget report. 

On this overview page, we’ve added metrics to both Planned and Budgeted YTD, showing dollars planned and budgeted to date. 

We’ve also added a cumulative line graph comparing Actuals to Budgeted and Actuals to Planned.