Marketing Operations Leadership Series

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Frans Riemersma

Founder, MartechTribe Lecturer, Nyenrode Business University

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Jim Williams

Chief Marketing Officer, Uptempo

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Next session: March 23rd at 5pm CET

An event exclusively for marketing operations leaders where everyone is a panelist with their video and audio turned on.

Topic: Can you prove the value of marketing operations?

Special Guests: Odd Morten Sørensen, Growth Hacker at NTE (Norwegian energy company)


Frans Riemersma

Founder, MartechTribe
Lecturer, Nyenrode Business University 

Jim Williams

Chief Marketing Officer

Proving the value of marketing operations

Proving the value of operations can be difficult due to various reasons, such as multiple factors contributing to business success, long-term effects, defining metrics, data quality, lack of alignment between marketing and sales, and difficulty in proving causation.

The complexity of measuring the impact of marketing operations can make it challenging to prove their value in a concrete and measurable way. However, it’s still important to try to quantify the impact of marketing operations to improve the effectiveness of marketing strategies and demonstrate the value of marketing to other stakeholders in the organization.

Here are some key questions marketing this discussion will tackle:

  • What are the most important things to measure to quantify MOPs contribution to overall business goals, such as revenue growth, customer retention, or brand awareness?
  • What is the ROI of marketing operations, and how can it be calculated? For example, how much revenue has been generated from marketing campaigns, and how does that compare to the cost of those campaigns?
  • How to communicate the impact of marketing operations initiatives on the customer journey, and its effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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These sessions are only for marketing operations professionals; all registrants will be reviewed and approved to attend.

Can You Prove the Value of Marketing Operations?

Join us to ask questions, share knowledge, and meet other marketing operations professionals.  

No recordings. No screenshots. No sales pitches. This is a space for marketing operations professionals to have an open and supportive exchange about the topics that matter. 

Here’s how we’ll break down the hour: 

  • 20 minutes featuring our key guests
  • 20 minutes open Q&A
  • 20 minutes open forum

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Uptempo does this with marketing operations software that integrates planning, financial, work, and performance management, so teams can plan better, pivot faster, spend smarter, and execute with confidence.

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Frans Riemersma


Frans Riemersma

Frans Riemersma has over two decades of experience under his belt, from consulting, to research, to marketing. Marketing technology is Frans’ playground. For over decade he has been designing marketing technology stacks for companies like HP, Adidas, Audi, Basf, Unilever, Philips, AbnAmro, IKEA, Standard Bank, Carlsberg, Volvo, HP and MediaSaturn.

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