Innovative brands leverage Uptempo to go to market faster

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Speaking Session

London, England

Thursday, March 9th, 2023
11:00am – 11:20am

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Shankar Narayanan

Head of Digital Platforms

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Peter Lammer


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Connecting Leaders to Data: How to Drive Value and Deliver Outcomes  

In this session, Shankar Narayanan, UBS’s Head of Digital Platforms, will be joined by Peter Laemmer, VP Sales of EMEA at Uptempo to discuss how UBS uses the Uptempo solution in several areas of the operating model to accelerate the way UBS drives marketing business.  

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What is Engage Martech?

Engage Martech is a 1 day trade show in London, England that brings together senior leaders in the B2C space. This event includes roundtable sessions, case study sessions, networking with peers and much more.

Shankar and Peter will answer questions such as:
  • What specific challenges did UBS experience that prompted a review of the marketing planning and budget process?
  • How has the global economic situation impacted UBS’s marketing activities?
  • What data driven insights does UBS have with the tools that have been implemented?
  • How important is high compliance rule and security standards to UBS?

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Uptempo delivers marketing business acceleration to organizations, a new operating model that gives CMOs clarity on the financial and business impact of their marketing efforts.

Uptempo does this with marketing operations software that integrates planning, financial, work, and performance management, so teams can plan better, pivot faster, spend smarter, and execute with confidence.

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