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Discover how Charles Schwab quickly detected a
10% variance in spend using Uptempo

Uptempo provided Charles Schwab with complete visibility and on-demand analytics for marketing investment performance. Now there is no need for manual reconciliation and everyone knows where they stand with their marketing spend.   

We can show progress and results in real-time. When the CMO wants to know how much of the media team’s money is committed, a report can be generated quickly in Uptempo.

Automate the tracking of marketing spend and performance

Gain 100% transparency of marketing budgets including what’s been forecast, already spent, and remaining, so teams can better address emerging client or business opportunities faster. View performance data by objective, stage in the consumer buyer journey, segment, business unit, product line, persona, and activity type for more agile planning.

Pivot programs and shift marketing investments with ease

Redirect marketing funds to capitalize on unexpected opportunities and optimize marketing investments with our budget reallocations feature, which includes built-in approval thresholds and workflows.

Boost productivity and maintain brand consistency

Uptempo’s brand-template builder includes customizable workflows, approvals and asset management that makes the review process seamless and meets regulatory and compliance needs.

Easily shift resources at anytime

With Uptempo, marketers gain resource capacity insights so they can move with greater speed and agility to initiate, change, and complete critical work functions from a single system of record, so all locations are updated simultaneously.

Increase share of wallet and revenue

Uptempo provides continuous performance insights, so teams for each product line can see how they are increasing share of wallet and driving higher premiums, fees and assets under management. 

Leading financial firms trust Uptempo to optimize their campaigns and budgets

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The team are exceptionally helpful and go to extreme lengths in supporting the organisation in achieving set objectives that align with increasing return related to financial, customer satisfaction, growth and internal business process perspectives.

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