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The Evolution of Marketing Resource Management

Marketers have an undeserved reputation for just “making things pretty” when really we…

Skillsoft’s AMA: Facing the Ultimate Test of Marketing Agility

Skillsoft’s agile framework was put to the ultimate test when COVID-19 hit, and they had six weeks to pivot their biggest in-person event.

Why use marketing playbooks?

This blog was adapted from BrandMaker’s: “Marketing Ops Now” podcast. Each installment discusses…

Unplanning and Agility: The New Approach to Marketing Plans

How do you measure the success of a marketing plan? Many marketers (and…

Three marketing ops trends to watch

This blog was adapted from BrandMaker’s: “MarketingOps Now” podcast. Each installment discusses valuable…

The marketing ops skills set

This blog was adapted from BrandMaker’s: “Marketing Ops Now” podcast. Each installment discusses…


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Marketing Operations Leadership Series

Marketing Operations Leadership Series Darrell Alfonso Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations Thao…

The Rising Role of Marketing Chief of Staff

Over the last few years, the marketing Chief of Staff (CoS) role has become more prevalent, both in B2B and B2C companies. And there’s good reason for it.

Your GTM Playbook in an Unpredictable World

In this webinar, April Dunford shares how to gain a competitive advantage in an unpredictable marketing climate.

5 Tips to Transform Your Marketing Operations

Uptempo’s guest speakers, Forrester Senior Analyst Jessica Liu and Jackie Massmann, Marketing Budgeting Planning Analyst at Land O’Lakes, share best practices for creating better visibility, velocity, and agility through connected marketing operations.

Modernizing Marketing Operations with Bret Sanford-Chung

As part of Uptempo’s Marketing Acceleration series, our CMO Jim Williams sat down with Bret Sanford-Chung, Managing Director, Marketing Consulting at KPMG. They discuss how we’re modernizing marketing operations with marketing business acceleration, the new operating model for enterprise marketers.

The Golden Age of Marketing Ops with Frans Riemersma

As part of Uptempo’s Marketing Acceleration series, our CMO Jim Williams sat down with Frans Riemersma, founder of Martech Tribe. They discuss what needs to be done to take the business of marketing to the next level and why we are entering the golden age of marketing operations.

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The CMO’s Primer for Marketing Business Acceleration

Research in Action: Vendor Selection Matrix

Forrester Wave™ Report MRM

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Energy Provider Case Study

Having used Uptempo’s Hive9 platform on a global scale, their teams have improved collaboration and visibility around planning, as well as more effectively managed and reconciled budgets and expenses with finance.

PwC Case Study

As PwC has evolved its marketing strategy, Uptempo’s planning and financial management capabilities have proven to be an essential part of the journey.

How Box doubled the efficiency of their marketing spend

Prior to implementing Uptempo’s Allocadia platform, the Box marketing team had a 4:1 return on their investments. After, it was 9:1.

How BRITA manages its global marketing assets with Uptempo

By gaining central access to global marketing materials, BRITA can efficiently master the increasing demands of marketing.


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Effective marketing is all about the data

Data is at the basis of all the sophisticated marketing tactics you can…

Measuring marketing performance: How the North Star method can help

More than 87% of marketing teams say they are not able to measure…

Current B2B marketing challenges, according to Scott Vaughan

Vaughan’s last position enabled him to see current B2B marketing challenges, how that puts extra pressure on CMOs, and how that has a rippling effect on marketing operations and martech. 


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How Investment Visibility Transformed Digital Marketing at Land O’ Lakes

Kirsten Salmanowicz, Digital Marketing Platform Manager at Land O’ Lakes, shares how Uptempo’s…

How to Align Marketing Spend with Finance

Finance can be a powerful ally for marketing. And in volatile markets, it’s…

How To Balance Marketing Plans & What If Scenarios

Pivoting plans is a regular occurrence these days. Learn how to use scenario…

How to Set & Track Goals for Connected Marketing Planning

Learn how to connect marketing plans to your company’s strategic goals so you…

Measuring the Integrity of your Marketing Plan

Learn how you can leverage performance and ROI data to make better marketing…

CMO Beth: Beth’s marketing budget allocation is all guesswork, and the CFO isn’t impressed

Beth’s marketing team just needs a little more budget to hit their targets. But when she goes to the CFO, the conversation quickly turns into an embarrassing and potentially career-ending interaction.

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