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Enabling true marketing agility

All your campaigns and activities in one living plan. Linked to the budget. Connected to projects. Tied to real-time performance. Visible to everyone.


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Your system of record for
marketing plans, budgets, and work.

Model the impact of every campaign
Create a universal marketing calendar
Manage budgets with ease

Campaign Planning Feature Highlights

Activity Planner

Create, save and share activity plans and seamlessly connect them with strategies, projects, and budgets.

Flexible Plan Hierarchies

Define and group related activities at different levels, create custom attributes and centralize all plan briefs.

Impact Modeler

Translate planned activities into projected outcomes and shift tactics to those that promise the greatest return.

Strategic Planning

Connect marketing projects and campaigns with corporate goals, ensuring all activities contribute to business objectives.

Reporting and Performance

Quick, accurate performance insights and KPI tracking for data-driven decision-making.

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Uptempo has been critical to our effort to transform our marketing budget management from a painful process into one that is defined and consistent, giving us the agility to quickly re-allocate investments as needed. With Uptempo’s campaign planning capabilities we can further layer in campaign performance metrics for a clear picture of return on ad spend, cost per lead and channel performance. This helps ensure that the marketing plan supports our company objectives and delivers a return on marketing spend.

Financial Management Feature Highlights

Budget Hierarchy

Create folders of investments configured to the requirements of your specific marketing team with highly configurable hierarchies.

Top-Down Allocation

Define a top-level budget that teams can plan within. Custom attributes simplify investment analysis across dimensions.

Bottom-Up Planning

Empower fast, flexible investment planning that aligns spend with strategy and provides visibility into budget subgroups and roll-up.

Spend Tracking

Instantly reconcile actuals with planned investments to stay on budget. Seamlessly reallocate resources to optimize spend.

Budget Approval Workflows

Automatically route resource and transfer requests from submitter to approver to avoid delays due to missed or forgotten emails.

Financial Reporting

Zero in on any budget dynamic with out-of-the-box and custom investment reports across any relevant dimension.

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Uptempo empowers me with new abilities and insights by providing a centralized platform for budget management, planning, and forecasting. I can track and allocate funds more effectively, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Work Management Feature Highlights

Content Creation Workflows

Automatically direct tasks to the appropriate people and circulate work for collaboration and review across the team.

Resource Management

Assess workloads across individuals and teams and quickly re-assign work to balance resources and accelerate time to market.

Digital Asset Library

Facilitate fast access to approved, on-brand assets and messaging. (Uptempo also integrates with third-party DAMs.)

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