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Connect plan with financial, work and performance apps for powerful insights

Uptempo integrates with key applications in your tech stack so that your marketing plan is accurate, up to date and measured against business impact. After all, what good is a marketing plan that isn’t tied to an accurate budget, downstream work or actual performance data? That’s just … well … PowerPoint. To ensure this integration, Uptempo offers configurable connections, open APIs, and technology partners.

The benefits:

See the entire go to market process from strategy to execution in one place.

Use predictive insights to create plans that drive the highest returns.

Execute with greater speed with automated workflows that keep the creative machine running smoothly.

Measure what works. Link marketing budgets with campaign performance data to see what delivers ROI

Keep marketing teams on budget, maximizing allocated dollars and protecting against accidental overspend

Automate budget reconciliation so marketing and finance teams spend less time analyzing spreadsheets.

Most popular integrations

Achieve seamless purchase order creation and tracking of payment status in real-time from Coupa within Uptempo, so you know what’s paid and outstanding.

Automatically associate each PO or PR with a unique Uptempo ID to enable full-cycle financial tracking and ongoing updates of what has been spent.

Uptempo and Salesforce have a deep bidirectional API-integration that allows marketing organizations to tie investment data to campaign and opportunity data, so you can better track performance and optimize spend.

Ingest Salesforce campaign and opportunity data for use in pipeline and ROI reports and dashboards. Leverage Uptempo’s attribution engine for a broader set of performance metrics.

Rapidly re-deploy funds or resources where they matter most with full visibility of campaigns, costs and project status — driving better performance. Automatically sync new projects with marketing activities in Uptempo for a comprehensive view of project and budget status.

Add investment details to Workfront and sync resource costs to Uptempo.

Integrate NetSuite with Uptempo for seamless generation of purchase orders and real-time tracking of payment statuses. Enable real-time monitoring of payment statuses and outstanding amounts.

Sync the Uptempo ID to every PO or PR to automate financial reconciliation, ensuring real-time visibility into budget status.

Synchronize Uptempo with Google Ads (or other digital platforms) to access campaign and investment data directly through Uptempo line items. This ensures a consolidated and accurate single source of truth for all of your digital platform spend.

Sync Uptempo’s marketing spend with Marketo’s marketing programs to gain a comprehensive insight into specific costs associated with each program and activity. This will enable a holistic overview of all marketing programs and activities and their cost.

Uptempo Uptempo
Uptempo Uptempo

Automate workflows with seamless integrations

Uptempo data and marketing details from planning to execution, can be synchronized via our API with project management, CRM, MAP, procurement, content marketing, and digital ad platforms, using fully configured connections to help you better understand the full impact of your marketing efforts. Connect Uptempo investment data with finance or EPM/ERP systems for real-time spend status.

Our Professional Services team provides expertise in integration development and will continue to maintain your connections throughout the lifetime of your software subscription.


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Reduce Manual Data Entry

Elimated 96% of manual data entry

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Maximize ROI

Increased ROI by 2x

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Connect and Join Data

Know where 100% of marketing’s dollars are going

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Ways to get connected

Accelerate time-to-value with integrations

Securely integrate into marketing, financial, procurement and analytics systems with multiple pre-configured connectors and our services team will ensure a seamless and worry-free process.

Extend Uptempo with developer tools

Build custom integrations using Uptempo’s open platform. Powerful REST APIs and bulk data import and export capabilities, ensure developers can extend Uptempo’s suite to meet their business needs and export data to existing BI tools or data warehouses. Developers can add their own business logic and visualizations.


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