Drive better marketing results

with the help of real-time data-based insights

Performance gains from using Uptempo

86% versus 0% of spend is now attributed to campaigns

Uptempo was pivotal — it was the focal point around which we could really initiate our marketing performance management program.

200 % pipeline-to-spend ratio

We’ve more than doubled our pipeline-to-spend ratio. Additionally, we’ve had record-setting quarters in terms of total pipeline contribution, despite budgets not going up.

Connect strategy, plans and data

It’s hard to move fast and prove impact with a clunky and disorganized workspace. Centralize your work and tell the complete story with a single system of record for marketing planning and performance measurement.  

Set strategy and align it to corporate goals, build campaigns, predict performance, allocate funds, and measure results all in one place. Stakeholders get clear visibility into how plans and investments align to overarching business goals.  

Eliminate marketing guesswork

Once campaigns are live, teams and stakeholders get accurate, centralized visibility into status of activities, spend and performance.  

KPI tracking gives marketers fast, accurate performance data so they can make data driven decisions. Marketers can see what’s working and what’s not, and pivot time and spend to drive the highest returns. 

Set plans and goals, and crush them faster

Make it easier for your team to create plans that drive the highest returns using predictive insights. Teams can predict the impact of each marketing activity and roll it up to show its overall impact on the plan. Before wasting time and money, teams can visualize if their plans are well designed to meet targets.  

As campaigns are launched, actual performance will be integrated with the predictive model to provide an accurate picture of marketing’s impact.  

Uptempo combines performance monitoring and reporting from all data silos into an intuitive, single source of truth. This real-time visibility on all activities and resources is crucial for marketing ROI demonstration and performance optimization.

Uptempo Fusion enables you to seamlessly integrate with your CRM, ERP or EPM, MAP, procurement, and content marketing platforms, so you can better understand the full impact of your marketing efforts. And, Uptempo Fusion connects to 600+ digital sources including web analytics, SEM, social media and more to automatically quantify results.

Sophisticated and flexible campaign attribution logic ensures teams can quickly pinpoint best performing programs and make informed decisions to improve results.


Out-of-the-box or custom performance insights enable teams to quickly pinpoint campaigns, programs, channels or activities that are driving the best return, in context with their initial plans.



Uptempo’s powerful performance insights enable consumer marketers to efficiently compare results and understand which promotions, programs, distribution channels, brands or sub-brands, channels or activities are driving the highest volume of sales, in context with their initial plans.

As a CMO do you feel like Beth when you are prepping for a board meeting? Feel confident with Uptempo.


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