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The role of marketing operations is evolving

Step away from fixer into strategic advisor.

About Uptempo

The name may be new, but the history is deep. Uptempo is the combination of three leading innovators in the marketing performance management space: BrandMaker, Allocadia, and Hive9. Together, we provide marketing planning software for 625K+ marketers at 350+ leading enterprises globally. That’s how we became Uptempo. Now for the why.


Our vision . . . a love story

Love and confidence are woven into our mission as a company. Our goal is for marketers to lead with confidence and love their jobs.

But it’s hard to be confident when your decisions are based on data you don’t trust. Data that has been locked up in spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and emails. It’s hard to love the tedious work of reconciling budgets, plans, and projects in tools that, frankly, weren’t built for marketing. Certainly not today’s marketing. Where markets change at internet speed. Where data points exponentially increase. Where customers expect more, now. 

Sure, you have martech. Lots of it. (Perhaps too much?) But none of those tools help you run marketing in the age of accountability.

Every major function of the modern enterprise has a system of record that the department runs on. CRM. ERP. SCM. Where is marketing’s workbench? We’re changing all that with a new operating model for marketing called marketing business acceleration. This allows CMOs to run their departments the way great CEOs run their companies: managing and maximizing talent, time, and money more effectively than ever before.

Our people make the ride worth it

Rides can be bumpy—full of ups and downs. So it’s important to enjoy the journey alongside smart and kind-hearted people who can laugh at themselves but also work hard to solve tough problems. Uptempo offers our global team a collaborative and fun work environment focused on winning and leading together.

Our leadership team

Mirko Holzer

Chief Executive Officer

Payod Deshpande

Chief Product Officer

Jim Williams

Chief Marketing Officer
Ashley Jones Lee

Ashley Jones Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Grunden

Chief Customer Officer

Joe Marchese

Chief Sales Officer

Uptempo is used by 625,000+ marketers at 350+ leading enterprises