Uptempo & KPMG

A new strategic alliance delivering marketing business acceleration, helping marketers maximize value and
reach their business goals

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Uptempo Uptempo
Uptempo Uptempo

The Uptempo and KPMG alliance provides marketing leaders with the technology capabilities they need for full visibility across marketing operations, bringing:

1. Clarity

Gaining visibility into plans, spending, & performance

Connecting goals to budgets & execution

Aligning processes into a single set of tools

2. Focus

Managing marketing teams in one direction

Pivoting plans based on what’s working

Seeing & managing spend with just a few clicks

3. Acceleration

Proving marketing as a valued business driver

Making decisions based on accurate data

Achieving true marketing agility

Accelerate your business and unlock the full potential of your martech stack

Uptempo’s suite provides marketers with the critical spend-to-performance connection needed for marketing business acceleration. By fully integrating marketing planning and financial, performance, project management, and asset management into one solution, Uptempo improves visibility, efficiency, collaboration, and outcomes for marketers.

KPMG Marketing Consulting helps provide marketing teams with the strategy and change management they need to build trust, transform their operations, and seize new opportunities. With expertise in leading practices and process transformations, they deliver insights to create tangible results.

Uptempo + KPMG
Combining the KPMG strategic perspectives and implementation experience with Uptempo’s innovative technologies enables marketing leaders to gain real-time insights to plan better, spend smarter, and help their teams execute with confidence.

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