Get real-time visibility into marketing spend 


Uptempo consolidates real-time budgeting with always-on reconciliation, so you can more accurately forecast, control, and rapidly shift budget as needed. The solution supports multiple views and budget structures that complex organizations require to conduct reporting and accelerate month-end close.



For consumer marketers dealing with zero-based budgeting or extensive budget cycles, Uptempo automates the entire budgeting process with always-on reconciliation. Understand which brand campaigns are driving sales and shift dollars accordingly. Confidently report on digital spend against multiple product lines and regions in minutes.

Is your marketing budget allocation a bunch of guesswork like CMO Beth? Don’t be embarrassed with your CFO again.

Automate marketing spend management and reduce waste

10% of budget was recovered

With global changes such as the pandemic, tracking money and what you have planned is imperative, because with the ongoing changes, we all have to be much more flexible and adaptable.

850+ person-hours saved

What took us 850 hours in the last year is now much more automated. This year, we created the same market spend report, and it took us less than 50 hours to get the information ready and reviewed by our leadership team.

Near instant reconciliation with finance data

Automatically import financial data from Finance, Purchasing and ERP or EPM systems and sync committed and actual spend in near real-time. Compare activity plans, actual and projected spend, POs and adjust your forecast proactively.

Purchasing support

Consolidate tactic line items across programs and campaigns or programs into purchase requisitions for one vendor. Integrate with your purchasing system to launch purchase requests instantly.

Media agency cost tracking

Upload agency or media spend and see the full picture of how each agency is spending against plan, by brand, and more.

View and manage spend across multiple dimensions

View investment data by season, region, channel, brand, customer journey stage to enable agile planning. Systematically re-allocate funds or make adjustments for the best possible use of your budget.

Efficiently calculate coupon costs

A purpose-built coupon calculator allows you to determine the redemption and handling costs as well as track all the promotion details including the validation period, which brand and segment it applies to and distribution method.


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