How Euronics Manages Real-time Access to Marketing Assets for 1,800 Users

EURONICS gives its more than 1,200 retailers real-time access
to all marketing assets.


EURONICS is the largest retail group in Europe. Their retail selection includes smartphones, tablets, and innovative technologies such as OLED and 4K, as well as household appliances and conventional consumer electronics products. EURONICS Deutschland eG has more than 1,200 outlets in Germany at approximately 1,400 locations with approximately 11,000 employees. A comprehensive range of services, individual advice, and qualified specialists are the hallmarks of the EURONICS stores and specialist markets. As the exclusive sales partner in Germany of the e-car manufacturer Aiways, EURONICS is the first electrical retailer to sell electric vehicles. In doing so, EURONICS offers e-mobility from a single source: from European electricity tariffs to charging infrastructure.

“The pandemic showed us how important our marketing
system is, because it gave us the opportunity to provide
dealers with up-to-date marketing templates and
advertising materials in a relatively short time. They
were able to adapt quickly to the current situation in
their respective state.”

Maik Pätzold
Marketing & Communications, Social Media Manager, eSport at EURONICS Deutschland e.G. Project Manager Marketing Portal

Efficient marketing and assets management system


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EURONICS’ goal was to use a central marketing platform to standardize the appearance and branding of its more than 600 retailers under the EURONICS XXL and media@home brands, and to provide its members with brand-compliant yet easily customizable materials.

Initial situation and special challenges

In 2010, the purchasing cooperative had launched the EURONICS umbrella brand to Initial situation and unite the many brands in the specialty store and retail sector that existed previously.
special challenges Two years later, the trusting, long-standing collaboration between EURONICS and Uptempo began. Today, more than 1,200 retailers are affiliated with the association, including approximately 600 members who operate in the market under the EURONICS, EURONICS XXL and media@home brands.

In addition to the new corporate design and a simple system a in which templates for basic advertising materials such as name tags and business cards were provided, there was a dealer agency from which the dealers could call up advertising free of charge and – for historical reasons – a number of agencies that were commissioned by the dealers themselves. These heterogeneous structures made it difficult to create a consistent brand presence throughout Germany.

Goal: centralized marketing and consistent brand presence

EURONICS was concerned with creating a user-friendly central platform that would Goal: centralized work for the many user groups and their different levels of expertise – retailers, head marketing and consistent office staff, and various service providers. brand presence

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Why Uptempo was chosen

After a selection process and comparison of several providers, EURONICS chose Why Uptempo because the system best met the requirements for a central marketing was chosen platform and was convincing in terms of functionalities, pricing, and overall mix. The Brand Management was launched in 2012 with approximately 5,000 media objects. By mid-2014, this number had already grown to 30,000.

Brand Portal as a central system

The structure and requirements at EURONICS were complex and also a new kind of Brand Portal as challenge for Uptempo in 2012. Completely different people – at least 20 roles in a central system the beginning – were defined and had to be mapped into the system. This complexity has been scaled back in recent years and especially with the major system relaunch in 2019, but it still remains a major task.

Today, EURONICS supplies its nearly 1,800 users with marketing material via Uptempo as the central DAM platform. The retailers have access to the editorial system via the Brand Management, where, among other things, the corporate design guidelines are stored. In addition, the Brand Template Builder allows them to adapt materials to their individual needs.

Extensive rights and role-based access

Via an interface to the EURONICS Extranet, approx. 1,200 retailers in Germany with their 11,000 employees at almost 1,400 locations can access and work with the marketing portal. In addition, there are the service providers located in the head office and the dealers. In order to control the access rights for these large groups of people, sophisticated rights and role concepts were developed and implemented together with Uptempo. Some assets, such as product images or manufacturer logos, are accessible to all members. In other areas of the marketing portal, rights and roles control who has access to what, and which user can see and use what. For example, media@home dealers have a completely different brand presence, a different CD than EURONICS or EURONICS XXL, and can accordingly only access materials that are suitable for them.

Extensive asset management

In total, more than 20,000 assets are managed in the EURONICS system, ranging from product images and icons to presentations and CD guidelines. There are 43 templates in different formats in the Brand Template Builder, which enable the creation of individual materials consistent with EURONICS corporate design. From business stationery, business cards, and name badges, to posters, billboards, instore TV, and social media templates all formats are represented in the system.


By using the system, EURONICS was able to increase usage and significantly shorten its marketing time-to-market. While the central Brand Management provides easy and fast access to marketing content, the Brand Template Builder ensures that marketing materials can be quickly individualized by the retailers,
in accordance with the CD guidelines, saving time- and cost-intensive agency services.

Especially in the difficult COVID times, the number of downloads by dealers has increased significantly. This is because, with the help of the DAM system, EURONICS is able to provide dealers with materials for ad hoc campaigns, even on short notice.


While Uptempo’s central DAM system is actively used and well-accepted by most retailers, it remains a challenge to also get “occasional users” on board even though the system makes it as easy as possible for them to use the system. Uptempo and EURONICS are working together to improve the user-friendliness even more in the future and thus further increase the acceptance of the marketing tool. In addition, digital media, from moving images to display ads, are playing an increasingly important role in communication, which provides increased possibilities for future retailer individualization.

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