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The Barbenheimer of Marketing Ops: Planning Meets Budgeting

With hundreds of products, thousands of marketers and millions of dollars at stake, orchestrating IBM’s planning process can be challenging.

There is competition for budget and product representation, and achieving alignment across disciplines can be an operational nightmare. No longer. Today, IBM is uniting thousands of marketers by leveraging Forrester best practices and Uptempo’s system of record for managing plan and spend. Learn how a new planning process is transforming marketing visibility, velocity, and agility.

Paul Ambraz

VP of Investment and Resource Management
IBM Marketing, Communications and Citizenship

The Big Disconnect: How to fix Marketing Planning

“Where’s the current version of the marketing plan??”

Forrester reports massive investments in martech and marketing operations, yet CMOs still run the business of marketing in a fog. Plans scattered across disconnected spreadsheets and PowerPoints create havoc for global marketing teams: over- and under-spending, misalignment, poor collaboration, and missed opportunities. Learn how a marketing planning system of record will improve your visibility, velocity, and agility and unequivocally prove marketing’s impact to the business.

Jim Williams

Chief Marketing Officer

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Paul Ambraz from IBM gave a presentation, “The Barbenheimer of Marketing Ops: Planning Meets Budgeting,” about the IBM journey to an integrated planning system of record.

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Uptempo’s marketing planning platform is used by 625,000 enterprise marketers to plan better, spend smarter, and execute with confidence. Uptempo replaces spreadsheets and helps B2B marketing leaders connect siloed plans to drive business growth. 

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