How HubSpot Streamlines Its Strategic Planning Process + Tips For How You Can Too

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Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

February 27th, 2023

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Chloe Washington

Chief of staff to the CMO

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Jim Williams


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In this session, Chloe Washington, HubSpot’s Chief of Staff to the CMO, will be joined by Jim Williams, CMO at Uptempo, to discuss HubSpot’s adoption of a new operating model called marketing business acceleration. By replacing dozens of siloed spreadsheets with a modern system of record for managing budgets, HubSpot is creating better alignment with finance, and enhancing marketing visibility, velocity and agility.

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What is B2BMX?

It’s a B2B marketing tradeshow spanning 3 days full of learning and connection. During it, tech sector B2B marketers will boost their knowledge in visual storytelling, community-building content, sales enablement strategies, and so much more.

Chloe and Jim will answer questions such as:
  • What specific challenges did HubSpot experience that prompted a review of the marketing planning and budget process?
  • What was HubSpot’s tipping point when the team realized that they could no longer run marketing on spreadsheets and how can you recognize it in your own organization?
  • How can an improved strategic planning process unlock greater marketing impact?
  • What is the role of a Marketing Chief of Staff in forging alignment between the CMO and CFO?

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Uptempo delivers marketing business acceleration to organizations, a new operating model that gives CMOs clarity on the financial and business impact of their marketing efforts.

Uptempo does this with marketing operations software that integrates planning, financial, work, and performance management, so teams can plan better, pivot faster, spend smarter, and execute with confidence.

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