Cloud-Based Marketing Performance & Attribution

Easily predict, measure and improve your marketing performance. Stop wasting time and effort trying to
accurately calculate ROI.

Set marketing goals, predict performance, measure results and take action—all in one solution.

We connect automatically to your martech stack to pull in performance data, apply attribution logic and visualize your performance compared to expectations. Performance in the context of your plans will add new meaning to your analysis.

Translate your marketing performance into easy-to-analyze views so you can make better decisions on your investments.

Predictive analytics

Hive9 revenue models understand waterfall conversion rates, stage velocities and average deal sizes.

Set custom goals, and then track their performance.

Import actual performance 

Hive9 can pull data from CRM, marketing automation, analytics and file-based exports.

We’ll work with you to get your martech stack connected to your plans, ensuring performance visualization in context with your goals.

Stack-rank campaign performance

See exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Know when an industry, product area or region is under-performing so you can make changes in time to achieve your goals.

Any attribution you need

Hive9 offers one custom and eight standard attribution models, including first- and last-touch, multi-touch, and U-shaped and W-shaped inflection point, depending on your reporting needs.

Leaders are using Hive9

PwC testimonial:

With Hive9, PwC’s marketers integrate plans with purchasing and financial systems, creating a closed-loop actuals reporting environment that can be reconciled to finance while still being compared to marketing plans.

Establishing marketing as “more in the loop,” explains Eklund, enables PwC to clearly show marketing ROI.

“This is one of the key benefits of having a structured planning process and a tool like Hive9,” he says, “because then you can see the whole marketing program and the total cost overview … Having that data available in the same tool is really powerful.”

Mattias Eklund
Head of digital marketing & communications, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Marketing Collaboration

  • Get out of spreadsheets, and enable visibility across all aspects of your marketing organization.
  • Establish structured campaign hierarchies and customized segmentation across all planning levels.
  • Align your plans to your goals through revenue modeling and custom goal-setting.

Marketing Performance & Attribution

  • Predict revenue and plan performance, cost, and ROI across any segmentation.
  • Visualize performance to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Analyze conversion rates and volumes to understand variations from expectations.

Integrate Your Martech Stack

  • Connect to your calendars, work management, financials and purchase support, enterprise data warehouses, marketing automation, and CRM.
  • Get a comprehensive view into marketing performance.
  • Select from existing API-based connectors or use multipurpose, file-based connectors.