Cloud-Based Marketing Planning & Collaboration Software

Bring order to the madness of your complex marketing activities.
With Hive9’s marketing SaaS solution, bring your plans into
one place, using a common structure and language for marketers across the globe.


End spreadsheet headaches

Spreadsheets and PowerPoints are silos filled with errors, virtually ensuring that plans remain static.

With Hive9 planning, gain clear visibility into activities across your marketing organization.

Set goals and predict results 

With revenue modeling and custom goal-setting, Hive9 ensures that your plans are aligned to your strategic goals.

Go-to-market strategies can be complicated. Hive9 segmentation can model your most complex planning needs.

Create your own custom calendar

Hive9 enables marketers to save filtered views of their marketing calendar, showcasing just the tactics they want to share for any number of audiences.

Keep everyone in the loop

Publish your Hive9 calendar views to Outlook or Google, enabling non-Hive9 users to subscribe to your plans in their favorite calendar environment. 

Leaders are using Hive9

PwC testimonial:

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ primary marketing need was streamlining its planning process, eliminating silos.

“Hive9 helped us a lot in doing so because we plan directly in the tool,” says Eklund, explaining that marketers have gained a “much better overview” of activities at a detailed level: plan, program, campaign and tactic.

“Without a tool like this, [streamlining planning] would be incredibly difficult.”

Mattias Eklund
Head of digital marketing & communications, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Our full solution offers up to three integrated modules:


Marketing Financial Management & Purchasing Support

  • Always know where you stand on marketing budgets.
  • See what’s planned, what’s committed, and what’s been spent.
  • Know if you’re over- or under-allocated before it’s too late.

Planning & Collaboration

  • Bring complex marketing plans into one collaborative place.
  • Increase the visibility of marketing activities.
  • Ensure your marketing plans are aligned to your goals.

Marketing Performance & Attribution

  • Always see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Set custom goals and then track their performance.
  • Gain visibility into ROI.