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Stop wasting time looking through dozens of spreadsheets and slides to figure out what’s happening with your marketing campaigns and if they’re performing well. See how Uptempo’s marketing calendar software helps enterprise teams build a real-time, global marketing calendar that seamlessly ties activity to ROI.

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The Problem With Marketing Planning Tools…

Is that they’re usually not built for marketing planning. Many marketing teams (even at enterprise companies) are using “‘freeware”’ like spreadsheets, documents, or slide decks to manage plans and budgets. Unfortunately, these documents quickly fall out of date—which makes getting a live view of your marketing campaign calendar possible only after days of back and forth with multiple departments or team members.

Digital marketing calendar solutions can help with this issue, but they often have limited display capabilities. Most calendars only show when content is launching—not all of the elements that go into a campaign. And while that view is too simplistic for global marketing teams, it quickly becomes too complex to be digestible for stakeholders when everything is included.

But the main reason most marketing calendars don’t work is because they are inherently siloed. They’re housed in static tools that are disconnected from each other and the tools you use to run marketing—like budgeting tools, work management software, and analytics.

When you can’t see what’s in-flight and how it’s performing, it’s impossible to know if you’re going to reach your goals. And it’s impossible to share an up-to-date view of the marketing plan with stakeholders outside of the marketing team. Marketers need flexible solutions that offer an accurate, shareable, real-time view of their activities so they can get insights faster and make smarter decisions sooner.

Building, maintaining, and reviewing marketing calendars is an incredibly inefficient process that costs you time and money.

Without a universal view of campaigns, it’s hard to:

  • See if certain audiences are oversaturated or neglected—causing you to over- or underspend on key prospects.
  • Stop distributed teams from duplicating efforts or launching conflicting initiatives—which wastes resources and effort.
  • Get visibility into which resources are free to be deployed to high-performing campaigns—and which should be deprioritized.

CMOs need a dynamic view of their marketing campaign calendar so they make data-informed decisions faster and stay agile in fast-moving markets. And marketing planning software like Uptempo is making it possible.

Uptempo’s marketing planning software gives marketers a single system of record for managing their campaign planning, investments, and resource allocation.

With Uptempo, global marketing teams like yours finally have:

  • Real-time views of your marketing plans, campaigns, and activities in the same place.
  • A way to align plans to strategic objectives, in a platform that’s tied to your budgets, projects, and real-time performance.
  • The ability to show leadership how marketing plans are connected to high-level corporate strategy.

Improved plan visibility and budget accuracy, faster execution, and more agility when it comes to shifting plans or resources as needed.

Uptempo is an absolutely pivotal partner during our planning, bringing together all of the key areas of marketing operations. It allows us to view holistic and individual plans across many teams, and seamlessly integrates our performance management into the planning process.

Create a Global Marketing Calendar
With Uptempo

Creating an effective, unified marketing campaign calendar with Uptempo is easy. Key features of Uptempo’s
marketing planning software include:  

Nested calendars

Get a detailed visualization of go-to-market plans and what activities are in-market at any given time. 

Filtered plan views

Change your view by grouping plans or activities through attributes like activity, region, or channel. 

Flexible hierarchies

Customize how you define and group related campaigns and activities at different levels for easier analysis. 

Collaboration tools

Create, save, and share plans with distributed teams to improve communication, execute faster, and reduce errors. 

Goal alignment

Tie projects and campaigns to corporate goals and budgets to keep everyone aligned. 

Impact modeler

See how plans are projected to perform so you can shift tactics and maximize marketing ROI.  

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