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A live event exclusively for marketing operations professionals at any level. Completely online. Brutally honest. Totally free.

This event has already ended. But you can still sign up for the next MOps Breakout in October 2024.

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Thank you to all attendees for making this such a successful event.

The recording of the inaugural MOps Breakout is now available to watch below

Why attend the October Breakout

  • Get practical, actionable advice from MOps leaders
  • Participate in breakout groups with your MOps peers
  • Open for MOps at any level
  • Win super fun door prizes
  • Drop in and out as you please
  • Avoid pressure note-taking – you’ll get a recording link afterwards

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The hosts

Darrell Alfonso

Director of Marketing 
Strategy & Operations

Thao Ngo

Senior Vice President Marketing

Meet the March speakers

Amber Sellens

Head of Marketing
& Operations

Megan Cabrera

VP Marketing Operations

Mya James

Leader Marketing


9 am PT
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Welcome & logistics

Hosts: Darrell Alfonso, Indeed, and Thao Ngo, Uptempo.

9:05 am PT
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Panel 1: Becoming a strategic marketing ops leader

Panelists: Charles Eichenbaum, Google, Amber Sellens, Shell, Mya James, LiveRamp, and Dani Worthman, Headspace.


Discover various paths to leadership in marketing operations through insights from those who’ve successfully made the leap. This panel highlights the essential steps to elevate your career, breakthrough strategies, and the art of gathering and using peer feedback.

9:35 am PT
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9:40 am PT
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Breakout 1: Deep dive into leadership

Each attendee will be assigned to a small breakout group with a moderator.


A roundtable discussion on the nuances of becoming a strategic marketing operations leader. Explore the challenges you face, drawing on advice from the panel, and share your effective strategies.

10:10am PT
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Panel 2: Elevating your marketing ops team

Panelists: Daniel Rauchwerk, Entertainment Industry, Mike McKinnon, Maxar Technologies, Simon Daniels, Forrester, and Megan Cabrera, Sophos.


This panel features insights on leveraging data for improvement, translating behind-the-scenes ops work for the CMO and other leaders, and enhancing your team’s visibility and value within the company. Speakers will provide actionable strategies and share their experiences in elevating their MOps team within the company.

10:40am PT
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10:45am PT
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Breakout 2: Increasing your team’s impact

Each attendee will be assigned to a small breakout group with a moderator.


A session focusing on lifting your marketing ops team to new heights. Discuss the obstacles your team encounters and the strategies that have led to success.

11:15am PT
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Closing remarks

Hosts: Darrell Alfonso, Indeed, and Thao Ngo, Uptempo.

11:30 am PT
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Event ended.

2.5-hour virtual event

Marketing operations professionals

Network, share insights, and draw inspiration from each other.


Free admission

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Moderators include

These sessions are only for marketing operations professionals or those responsible for marketing operations. Sales professionals for any industry (including selling into the MOps space) are regrettably not able to join us. Thank you for your understanding.


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It was a great time listening to experienced marketing operations leaders and having a chance to share in interactive breakout groups. But we’re not done. Join us in October when we’ll have “MOps Breakout Week” for even more panels and breakout groups. Exclusively for marketing operational professionals.


Can’t wait until October?

Join our monthly Live MOps Huddle. Darrell Alfonso and Thao Ngo host a monthly event exclusively for marketing operations leaders where everyone is a panelist with their video and audio turned on.

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Thank you for organizing this event, it was great, full of interesting insights and great exchange.

Valentina Ciavarella

This was a killer of an online event! Great hosts and excellent panelists

Odd Morten Sorensen

Thank you all for pulling this together! So much brain power and experience in general

Viggy Hegde

Such a fun event. Loved meeting everyone and chatting about common obstacles/wins

Kristen Brophy