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Big brands trust Uptempo to provide operational clarity

Why transform marketing operations?

Despite significant investments in MarTech, operational marketing hasn’t really evolved. Plans, budgets and projects still reside in disconnected spreadsheets and documents. Activity is not linked to strategy. Budgeting is a black hole.

To address this, Uptempo delivers marketing business acceleration, a new operating model that gives CMOs clarity on the financial and business impact of marketing campaigns and and the ability to course-correct, capture new opportunities, and fund innovation.

Is one marketing platform a pipe dream for CMO Beth?

Real-time plan visibility

Uptempo provides a single system of record for continuous planning, which improves team visibility, velocity, and agility. Set goals, justify funding, predict performance, measure results and pivot fast.

One of our key planning tools is Uptempo for marketing budgets and that is where we get consistency by investing in a marketing planning tool, you are really equipping your organization to be able to make strategic decisions.

Invest with confidence

Uptempo consolidates real-time budgeting, purchasing support and reconciliation. Now you can more accurately forecast, control, and rapidly shift budget to align with strategic objectives or changes to market conditions.

The campaign reporting and the actual campaign level is super important for us. Before Uptempo we had about a large variance rate, now with Uptempo we have 4% and we are on our way to reach the 1%.

Execute with speed

Cut through suffocating internal campaign and budget approval processes with powerful, flexible workflow automation. Uptempo’s work management and digital asset management tools increase team collaboration, speed and effectiveness.

What took us 850 hours in the last year is now much more automated. This year, we created the same market spend report, and it took us less than 50 hours to get the information ready and reviewed by our leadership team.

Leverage actionable insights

Efficiently compare results and understand which campaigns, programs and activities are driving the best return. Integrations with finance, marketing and analytics systems connect performance data to plans and budgets to facilitate better decision making and yield true ROI reporting.

We’ve delivered marketing ROI that’s higher than the industry average, and proven the value of marketing as a credible driver of revenue growth.

Connect with the tools you’re already using

Uptempo offers robust integrations with finance, project management, CRM, ERP/EPM, MAP, content marketing, digital ad platforms and BI tools. Improve program execution, efficiency and impact by creating a single source of truth from planning to execution.

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Uptempo Fusion

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