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A Shared Experience: How the Pandemic Changed Planning, Creation and Dissemination

Learn how some of the the world’s biggest brands thrived throughout
the pandemic by having a flexible marketing planning environment

Uptempo Uptempo
Uptempo Uptempo

Strategic Marketing 2021

At Reuters Events’ Strategic Marketing 2021, Uptempo’s Hive9 led a marketing panel discussion with leaders from VICE Media, Verizon, Fender, and OkCupid.

“COVID-19 changed each and every one of our lives. Its unprecedented nature forced marketing teams to become more adaptable. We had to be reactive and make changes on the fly, in doing so creating some of the most personable, empathetic content ever seen.

In this session, we explore how the world’s biggest brands have continued to thrive with a flexible planning environment and how these strategies hold strong as we exit the pandemic.”

—Reuters Events


bruce brien
Bruce Brien

SVP, global solutions engineering (formerly chief strategy officer of Uptempo’s Hive9)


Nadja Bellan-White


VICE Media

Melissa Hobley

Global CMO


Andrew McKechnie

Chief creative officer


Evan Jones




Watch on demand now:

brandmaker allocadia hive9 uptempo

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