How a Global CMO Empowers His Team With Data

Savvy marketing leaders recognize that if they’re able to better understand and manage their teams’ investments they’ll be able to justify their spend to other executives. However, CMO Tamir Sigal realized he could do so much more by treating all of his data, including investment data, like a strategic weapon. By working with his team to create a foundational data strategy, he has been able to gain impactful insights from data and create a better experience for his organization by:

  • Showcasing the financial impact of marketing programs in order to justify an increased headcount and budget for his team
  • Empowering his team members to directly manage their own budgets because they have the insights to know where to best spend their next dollar
  • Creating a culture where team members are encouraged to innovate because they know what has been successful and want to further expand in those areas
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