Webinar: Transforming Marketing Planning at HubSpot

Webinar: Plan and Budget Like HubSpot

HubSpot made a monumental shift to how their 500+ global marketing team worked using Uptempo.

Dive Into HubSpot’s Dynamic Planning Process

Get a look at HubSpot’s planning process and learn how Chloe streamlined key areas of the planning and budgeting processes with new tools for driving visibility and alignment.

“The entire plan was run off of a gigantic spreadsheet, sometimes with endless versions, which were never found easily… by anyone.”

Chloe Washington
Chief of Staff to the CMO

See How HubSpot Streamlines Marketing Budgeting

Learn how HubSpot moved away from using spreadsheets for budgeting and adopted an online financial management platform—which improved spend accuracy and forecasting—through automated reconciliation and smart integrations.

“You can’t just look forward—you have to look back…and see what is working well, what is not working, where you’re going over budget. . . You cannot have tunnel vision.” – Chloe Washington

Get Advice for Managing Change

Hear all of Chloe’s insight for ushering in big shifts to the way your team works—from creating a transition plan to searching for internal ambassadors to support your new vision.

“We aimed for just the right amount of disruption. So the team could feel the change naturally by having more time to do other important tasks.” – Chloe Washington

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

See how HubSpot ditched the spreadsheets for good.

In this video, you’ll learn how HubSpot:

      1. Reduced the time spent on version control issues and streamlined their planning communication.
      2. Found a comprehensive tool for planning and budgeting that helped align marketing and finance.
      3. How adopting new tools and processes impacted their efficiency and agility.
Transforming Marketing Planning at HubSpot

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