Transforming Marketing Planning at HubSpot

Tuesday, Jan 23 | 7am PT | 10am ET | 4pm CET

Chloe Washington

Chief of Staff to the CMO

Jim Williams


Join us Jan 23 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET

In the dynamic world of marketing, responding to basic questions from stakeholders can prove to be a complex task. Questions such as how did a campaign perform? If you had an extra $500K tomorrow, do you know where and how you’d invest it? Do you know where to cut 30% from your budget if necessary?

As Chief of Staff to the CMO at HubSpot, Chloe Washington plays a key role in strategic planning, helping to streamline processes and coordinate the implementation of marketing initiatives. Chloe will share how HubSpot tackled this challenge by establishing a single system of record for marketing plans, budgets, and work.

Revamping HubSpot’s planning process across a team of over 500 marketers is a significant endeavor that cannot be achieved overnight or in isolation. Effective change management depends on securing early buy-in from both your team and stakeholders and maintaining their support throughout the entire process.

Join us for an open and candid conversation:

  • Discover better planning processes.
  • Prepare your enterprise for managing and embracing change.
  • Understand the tangible impact of this transformative change within HubSpot’s marketing strategic operations.
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