IKEA’s Blueprint for Global Commercial Agility

How a new marketing planning system generated millions in ROI for the furniture giant.

See IKEA’s Streamlined Marketing Plan and Calendar

IKEA used to organize their promotion plans in spreadsheets.

Learn how centralizing commercial activity in Uptempo’s planning software helped them create a clear overview of activity across each of 480 stores.

IKEA’s Performance Data Tracking System, Revealed

Hear about IKEA’s real-time view of campaign performance data helps them adjust plans on the fly to improve marketing program ROI.

This in-house tool lets them quickly determine which products to push, if they have enough stock to run a promotion at a specific store, and more.

Learn How IKEA Communicates Plans to 180K Global Employees

IKEA uses a TV system tied to their marketing calendar to inform employees about ongoing promotions at their specific location.

See how this helps streamline communication and, ultimately, creates a cohesive customer experience from store to store.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Now

See how IKEA transformed their global commercial planning process for the better with Uptempo.

In this video, learn how IKEA:

    1. Saved 124,000 hours and millions of euros by eliminating manual planning tasks. 
    2. Realized €20 million in ROI with their new planning tools. 
    3. Connected 180,000 global co-workers with a single marketing calendar.

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