The Marketing Planning Series

Learn how to accelerate your planning, performance, and productivity from experts at HubSpot, IKEA, and Forrester.


Transform the business of marketing

Gain access to three different conversations that breakdown how they solved their planning and budgeting pain points. You’ll walk away with countless takeaways straight from the industry pros’ playbook.


Prepare for Growth, Be Prepared for Change

Part 1


Marketing planning is always an experience — but it doesn’t have to be a bad one! You just need to have a solid strategic process to guide you, and the ability to make adjustments when needed on the fly.


Forrester shares their “Plan on a Page” process and weighs in on how to effectively communicate plan information, starting with a top-down approach.

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Transforming Marketing Planning at HubSpot

Part 2


HubSpot discusses the challenges with their spreadsheet-reliant planning and budgeting methods.


They detail how they transformed their internal processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and budget management.


Bonus: you’ll gain effective change management tactics to help champion the change internally.

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IKEA’s Blueprint for Global Commercial Agility

Part 3


Everyone has used an IKEA instruction manual to build a piece of their famous furniture once in their life. But how does one of the world’s largest home furnishing brands assemble its global marketing plan?


Learn how they realized €20 million ROI with their new planning tool and saved millions of euros by eliminating manual planning tasks across 180,000 global co-workers.

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Meet the experts

Craig Moore

Principal Analyst

Chloe Washington

Chief of Staff
to the CMO

Marcel Duy

Product Director, Digital Business Planning

Take charge of the chaos

HubSpot, IKEA, and Forrester show you how to take control of your strategic planning

The Marketing Planning Series will help you overhaul marketing campaign planning processes from tip to tail.

Real-life examples will show you how to:

  • Align plans, teams, and strategies.
  • Get campaigns to market faster.
  • Fund projects that work.

Make every dollar count

Track spend, measure results, and pivot plans in real time. Uptempo brings campaign clarity to over 625,000 marketers.

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