Plan Smart. Pivot Fast.
Find out why speed and agility is the CMO’s new marketing mandate in our two-part “Plan Smart. Pivot Fast.” webinar series featuring Forrester.
Plan Smart. Pivot Fast.

Part 1: Is One-and-Done Marketing Planning Dead?

A rigid annual marketing plan is no longer sufficient, and marketing is being asked to pivot global plans and resources when it’s required by the business. It’s no easy task, but it’s imperative to revenue growth. You’ll discover the concept of cascading marketing planning and why it’s time to move away from “one-and-done” annual plans.

Forrester Principal Analyst Marcia Trask and Uptempo CMO Jim Williams discuss:

  • The role marketing operations has in driving effective annual planning
  • How to create living annual marketing plans
  • How to cascade marketing plans from a strategic level down to aligned tactical execution
  • How to strategically align marketing budgets to plans

Part 2: The New Rules of Marketing Planning.

Building on the core planning concepts from the first webinar, the second webinar will demonstrate how to effectively manage marketing plans and budgets during execution.

Forrester Principal Analyst Rani Salehi and Uptempo CMO Jim Williams discuss:

  • Define: Ensure a robust marketing planning process is in place that provides aligned objectives for the demand organization
  • Apply: Demand program teams use top-down budgets to guide the planning of programs
  • Accelerate: Actively monitor program performance and results to facilitate in-period budget adjustments to tactic allocations
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