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Managing the Business of Marketing Takes Good Planning

Fractured plans that are disconnected from budgets and performance are captured in silos with no context.

Learn how our customers break out of their marketing fog to drive better performance and hit their growth.

Strategy vs. Operations: How Splunk Balances Both

Strategy and operations are two often competing priorities when it comes to marketing campaigns and reporting. Learn how Splunk positions the need and value of both to get the required resources to deliver strategic “CMO KPIs” based on a strong operational foundation. Marlene Chan shares her different experiences building robust operations at two different companies, how Splunk pivots plans based on insights, and how they build trusted relationships between finance and marketing.

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The Successful Journey to Proving Marketing ROI

By integrating critical sales and marketing systems, Acronis gained a holistic view into marketing and a single source of truth for reporting on ROI. Learn the milestones, lessons learned, and challenges from Acronis’ improved marketing planning process, which enables them to easily identify and visualize business drivers, quickly see any areas of concern, and strengthen alignment across the company.

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Strategic Marketing Planning: What’s the Bottom Line?

Bottomline Technologies was mired in a fog when it came to managing the business of marketing. Plans were fractured and in multiple places. Funding was managed separately, and performance was captured in silos, with no context. Bottomline focused first on governance, bringing all the component pieces of marketing into one collaborative platform using a common language, realizing significant productivity improvements while enabling better decision-making to drive performance to reach their growth goals.

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The Radical Transformation of a Complex Marketing Organization

When Lisa joined Faro in 2019, she committed to bring consistency, alignment, and structure to this highly complex marketing organization. By establishing a foundational work journey, reengineering systems and processes, bringing consistency to terminology, and adopting one collaborative system for marketing resource management, Lisa led the charge to completely transform their marketing organization. Learn how Faro’s transformation now enables marketing to prove ROI, better align with sales, and improve collaboration and communication.

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