Mastering the Marketer’s Data Journey

Data is the currency that drives business forward. However, marketing organizations often lack a strategy around their data. Many marketing organizations set their plan, start executing and then chase their desired metrics without a common marketing data hierarchy and taxonomy across their team. This leads to inconsistent and inaccurate measurements and the inability to drive predictable revenue.

The best marketing organizations solve this by building a common data foundation to set their data up for success — from plan, to budget, to measurements — enabling a common measurement language, stronger decision making, and a clear path to marketing ROI. 

Watch this panel webinar to hear marketing operations leaders from LogMeIn, Genpact and Autodesk share their experiences and best practices to building a marketing data strategy that enables better performance.

Related resource: download our new eBook, The Marketing Leader’s Guide to Data Strategy. Learn the framework to make better decisions, optimize resources, and maximize marketing performance.

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