Current B2B marketing challenges, according to Scott Vaughan

In this episode of Marketing Ops Now, Frans Riemersma talks with Scott Vaughan, former chief growth officer of Integrate and CMO of several other tech companies.

Vaughan’s last position enabled him to see current B2B marketing challenges, how that puts extra pressure on CMOs, and how that has a rippling effect on marketing operations and martech. 

Learn more about how marketing operations must build good relationships and trust across the entire company.


Frans Riemersma

Frans Riemersma has over two decades of experience under his belt, from consulting, to research, to marketing. Marketing technology is Frans’ playground. For over decade he has been designing marketing technology stacks for companies like HP, Adidas, Audi, Basf, Unilever, Philips, AbnAmro, IKEA, Standard Bank, Carlsberg, Volvo, HP and MediaSaturn.


Scott Vaughan

Scott Vaughan was Chief Growth Officer of Integrate, an enterprise marketing software and solutions provider. With other previous roles as CMO and B2B revenue marketing leader, Scott was recently leading Integrate’s go-to-market, customer, and growth strategies.

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