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It’s time to move from controlled chaos to agility and efficiency. Find out how to power your marketing organization from strategy to execution.

A “How To” on Bridging the Gap between Marketing Strategy and the Customer Experience

There is no doubt that there is more pressure than ever before on enterprise marketers to show and deliver ROI for their organizations. Digital transformation and technology have accelerated by a shocking seven years over the last year as a result of the recent pandemic. Keeping up with these changes and the added pressure to prove ROI within shrinking budgets means marketers will need to become more agile, transparent and effective in managing their marketing budgets and activities.   

of brands claim to deliver a great experience, while only 8% of customers agree. 

Accenture Research Report, 2020.

In this Whitepaper you´ll learn:

  • The three most important trends forcing the change in marketing operations
  • How to move ops from controlled chaos to agility and efficiency
  • How to determine the potential impact of these trends on your organization


The Next Evolution in Enterprise Marketing Operations

Learn about the 7 aspects of marketing ops maturity and how your marketing organization can achieve substantial improvements in efficiency, control, and speed-to-market.

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