Global marketing planning and steering: How to reel in consistent results

How do you effectively plan across 14 different global markets while maintaining brand consistency? For Norwegian Seafood Council, it comes down to having a marketing resource management system to standardize and manage plans, maintain a centralized process, and keep everyone swimming in the same direction.

Kari-Anne Johansen of the Norwegian Seafood Council talks global marketing planning and steering with Dr. Ralf Strauss, answering these questions and more:

-In a very cross-cultural marketing organization, how do you get everyone singing the same song?

-What’s the secret to getting so many people on board using the same marketing software?

-How do you maintain a global KPI framework across all those markets?

-Why does the Norwegian Seafood Council need to do marketing anyway?


Ralf Strauss

Marketing Tech Lab GmbH

Dr. Ralf Strauss is managing partner of various companies, as well as president of marketing associations and communities. Previously, he was the senior vice president at Volkswagen for the digital transformation across marketing and sales. Prior to that, he had various roles within SAP. He is also the author of more than 60 publications in these subject areas and publishes the yearly "Marketing Tech Monitor."

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