How to implement agile marketing

What are some of the best-kept secrets to successful agile marketing implementation?

Scott Brinker sat down with Andrea Fryrear, CEO and co-founder of Agile Sherpas, a marketing-focused training and consulting company, to discuss top agile marketing strategies.

As organizations increasingly look for ways to be more agile, what should they keep in mind? Andrea lays out what to do and, importantly, what not to do.


Andrea Fryrear

CEO and Co-Founder of Agile Sherpas

Andrea Fryrear, CEO and co-founder of AgileSherpas, is a leading authority on optimizing customer acquisition and retention processes. She has also written two books on organizational agility and has spent several years as an international speaker and trainer.


Scott Brinker


Scott has been analyzing marketing technology for more than a decade. He publishes the blog, co-founded the MarTech conference, and wrote the best-selling book Hacking Marketing. He is VP platform ecosystem at HubSpot and was previously the co-founder of ion interactive. He holds degrees in computer science from Columbia University and Harvard University and an MBA from MIT.

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