Linlin Li – MobileIron

November 8, 2019

#RunMarketing Award Winner: Operational All-Star

Why They Won

Linlin’s track record of building out the marketing function from the ground-up and scaling it to optimize efficiencies across all pillars – from demand gen to field marketing to data sciences – at companies like Centrify, FireEye, Polycom and Cisco speaks volumes about her expertise. She skillfully bridges the gaps among Marketing, Sales and Finance to drive company-wide alignment and full funnel accountability.

Linlin passionately believes that Ops teams are the engine room, that is, the machinery that keeps the rest of the organization running, and this is where she truly demonstrates her deep understanding of how to run marketing like a business. To this end, she strives to continually fine tune existing processes or innovate something new to drive efficiency and growth, and maximize marketing’s impact on the bottom line.

“Linlin is a next-level ops leader and longtime advocate of Marketing Performance Management. She’s the person you bring in to get the house in order and she’s excellent at it because she works across all departments. She intuitively knows how important it is for marketing to have the overarching operational aspect to it and that’s something you either have or you don’t.”
Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia SVP of Customers & Revenue
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