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Double your
ratio in 2024

We’ve more than doubled our pipeline-to-spend ratio. Additionally, we’ve had record-setting quarters in terms of total pipeline contribution, despite budgets not going up.

Before Uptempo, Box’s ROI on marketing investments was 4:1. Now it’s 9:1.

Box’s marketing team was stuck in spreadsheets. They knew marketing made an impact on pipeline, but not how it connected to their investments. Box needed a new solution to meet their goal of becoming a billion-dollar company.

They use Uptempo to tie all their investment data, plans, and pipeline impact into one view. With a granular view of spend accuracy, they can proactively address inefficiencies and put more dollars towards the programs that generate the most pipeline.

Identify low-performing programs and improve ROI with real-time budget visibility.

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  • Where should I allocate money if I receive an additional $100K in marketing budget this year?
  • Which of my marketing campaigns are contributing the most to pipeline targets?
  • Is my bottom-up investment plan aligning to customer journey goals
  • What is the best marketing mix across my investments?