How Juniper Networks Gets
Within 1% of Budget with Uptempo

“I think that’s the next evolution for us”


Juniper Networks, Inc. (“Juniper”) is a global leading manufacturer of high-performance network infrastructure. Serving B2B markets worldwide, the company designs, develops and sells products and services that provide network infrastructure for networking requirements of service providers, enterprises, governments, and research and public sector organizations worldwide. With global operations in three theaters – the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific), Juniper conducts business in more than 100 countries around the world.

“Less than five weeks after signing the contract, we had deployed Uptempo to manage almost 200 budgets across 230 users distributed around the globe.”

Eric Andrews
VP Global Marketing Operations, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks Gets Within 1%
of Budget using Uptempo

A Top Business Pain

After conducting an employee survey, Juniper Networks identified that marketing budget management and reporting was a top business pain. Although each marketing team had clarity around their marketing spend via spreadsheets, the process of consolidating and reporting across the entire organization was extremely difficult and time consuming. These process inefficiencies prevented the marketing organization from identifying and acting quickly on important business challenges. It was virtually impossible to understand global investment by simple attributes such as country and objective, or how Juniper was funding various campaign initiatives holistically. With this challenge, Juniper set out to find solutions to answer some big questions:

  • How can we create visibility into our global marketing investments, teams and programs?
  • How can we streamline workflows to create better reporting processes and achieve more meaningful business insights?
  • How can we achieve better return on our marketing investments?

“It was very disconnected,” says Susan Vanin, former Juniper Director of Marketing Performance Management. “Each user had individual spreadsheets and it was very difficult to have a consolidated view, either by team or by theater.” The CMO gave the Global Marketing Operations (GMO) team 30 days to research and recommend a solution that would address the planning and budgeting challenge, with the ability to plan OPEX and Marketing MDF using one tool. After assessing several solutions, the GMO team selected Uptempo, a cloud-based enterprise marketing solution specializing in marketing budgeting, planning and marketing ROI. “We were fortunate that SiriusDecisions had highlighted Uptempo as an option for us to consider. When we went through the demonstration, we were very pleased Uptempo had all of the efficiencies and usability we were looking for, and the ability for us to deploy it quickly,” says Alyssa Weber, Juniper Director of Marketing Infrastructure.


The GMO team worked closely with Uptempo’s Customer Success team to define requirements, and then implement and deploy the solution. Despite the broad scope of this deployment, the project went live less than 60 days after selecting a vendor. “As a solution designed for marketers, Uptempo offered a strong, intuitive user experience, making internal buy-in and the transition very easy,” says Vanin. As a result, the roll out and adoption has been seamless. “Within two weeks of launching Uptempo, we had already input a full year of marketing plans and budgets into the system,” says Weber.

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THE SOLUTION: Providing Visibility

With the program in place for two years, Juniper has seen strong adoption rates and utilization across the marketing organization. With more than 200 marketers spread across three geographic theaters, Juniper uses Uptempo’s global marketing solution to plan annual marketing investments and manage quarterly marketing budgets, with the ability to drill-down into specific programs.

Using Uptempo, Juniper’s Global Marketing Operations team is able to:

  • Provide visibility and accountability into marketing spend at all levels of the marketing organization
  • Report on strategy, budgeting and programming for global teams and share marketing’s impact on business development and growth
  • Plan, forecast and measure activities globally, and communicate progress to senior executives
  • Consolidate data across the organization while maintaining data integrity and classification
  • Plan OPEX and Marketing MDF using one tool


Driven by a strategic focus on marketing investment planning and an operational focus on marketing budget management, Juniper’s GMO team has transformed the business into a data-driven marketing organization — achieving alignment in marketing spend across teams and providing the business with real-time insights into marketing programs. Uptempo has now become an integral part of the planning, execution and performance management process. Juniper has achieved rapid time to value and very high levels of adoption across the business, which has translated into a number of benefits:

  • 100% alignment of spend to meet strategic objectives
  • The ability to remain within 1% of budget every quarter since deployment
  • Hundreds of hours saved consolidating and manually manipulating numerous spreadsheets
  • Reduction in ineffective marketing investments based on immediate visibility into activities not aligned to company priorities
  • Flexibility to reallocate budget based on changes in the market and needs of the business


Juniper Networks can now clearly identify how marketing is investing and how that investment aligns with Juniper’s strategy, their CFO and CMO are taking it to the next level and asking how marketing is contributing to Juniper’s bottom line. “I think that’s the next evolution for us. We want to be able to show how marketing contributes to the pipeline and how are we assisting in closing deals.” Juniper also continues to develop their marketing investments and budgeting solution with a plan to next integrate Uptempo’s return on investment solution into their platform.

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