Escape from spreadsheet hell. Take a vacation on us.

It’s never been easier to snorkel in Hawaii, see giraffes in South Africa, or eat sweet crêpes in Paris. Give us a referral and receive a $500 travel voucher.

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Refer, travel, repeat

Know someone using spreadsheets (or worse) to do marketing planning? Do missed targets, uncontrolled spend, and gut-level decision making sound familiar? Save them!

It’s a win-win situation: They escape from spreadsheet hell to plan better, spend smarter, and execute with confidence—and your next vacation is on Uptempo. Get a $500 travel voucher to take a trip wherever you want.  

Referring is a super simple process that takes less than 10 minutes.

Ready, set, take off.
How it works.

Email us and tell us about your referral.
Once we give your referral the green light, you can introduce us.
When your referral hops on a call with us and a potential opportunity is identified, you’ll score the voucher.

Any questions?

Send us your referrals or questions today.

Terms & Conditions: Uptempo pays the travel voucher exclusively for referrals approved by Uptempo that meet our requirements. We don’t provide cash or equivalent.