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3 Signs That You’re Stuck in the Fog of Marketing

There’s a disconnect in marketing. Have you felt it? Over the last decade,…

Visualizing Marketing Performance Across Global Functions at ServiceNow 

Since implementing a marketing operations and resource management system, ServiceNow has been able…

How CMOs Can Stay Agile in Uncertain Times

You’re trying to justify the value of your marketing efforts in the face…

The Evolution of Marketing Resource Management

Marketers have an undeserved reputation for just “making things pretty” when really we…

How Can Retail Marketers Better Meet Their Goals?

New research points to a “two-sided issue” facing retail marketers: They have so much data, but there’s so much they need to do to make sense of it.

The Reverse Waterfall: I Need How Many Inquiries to Hit My Revenue Target?!

Developing a demand waterfall is a critical exercise for your marketing organization. But have you implemented the reverse waterfall?

Four Tips to Improve Data Democratization & Get the ROI Everyone Wants

A recent Adobe Summit session explored strategies Thomson Reuters used for data democratization success.

The State of Martech: Data, Innovation, and Endless Opportunities

as discussed in our recent 2022 Marketing Ops Now podcast with Scott and Frans Riemersma, is that things in the martech world are certainly not slowing down.

Using Data to Bring Different Departments Together

Enterprise organizations have had a problem for years: their many departments exist in data silos. Oftentimes, there are silos within individual departments. When you’re dealing with a large number of people required to run an enterprise company, keeping everyone connected and communicating can be difficult.

The Martech Stack That Drives Successful Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing requires technology. Without the right marketing technology stack, you’ll face an uphill battle trying to collect the data you need.

Metrics That Should be in Every CMO Dashboard

When you review your marketing analytics now, what does that process look like? If you’re like most marketing professionals, it probably involves lots of spreadsheets. In fact, 60% of executives still depend on Excel spreadsheets to view their data.

Marketing Departments: Just Say No to Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets fall short when it comes to measuring and reporting on marketing performance. Time to ditch the spreadsheet and embrace automation.

What Can Your Current Marketing Data Tell You About The Future?

Fortune telling may have a bad rap, but when it comes to your marketing, the help of data and tech can lead to surprisingly accurate predictions of what’s to come.

3 Tips to Master Performance-Based Marketing Planning

“What’s the ROI on that?” If that question makes you panic, you’re not the only one. Here’s some advice on mastering performance-based planning.

ROI vs. Attribution: The Best Way to Measure Marketing Performance

Marketing activities don’t happen in a vacuum: they move the needle for your…


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The Rising Role of Marketing Chief of Staff

Over the last few years, the marketing Chief of Staff (CoS) role has become more prevalent, both in B2B and B2C companies. And there’s good reason for it.

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ROI vs. Attribution

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Energy Provider Case Study

Having used Uptempo’s Hive9 platform on a global scale, their teams have improved collaboration and visibility around planning, as well as more effectively managed and reconciled budgets and expenses with finance.

How BRITA manages its global marketing assets with Uptempo

By gaining central access to global marketing materials, BRITA can efficiently master the increasing demands of marketing.

Emerging from the fog: How FARO completely transformed marketing

Using Uptempo’s Hive9, FARO increased marketing-sourced revenue by 93.4%—while still cutting spend.

How Commvault Built a Closed-Loop Integrated Tech Stack, Saving Marketers Time

We interviewed the Senior Marketing Manager at Commvault about changes they made to optimize marketing performace with Allocadia.


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Effective marketing is all about the data

Data is at the basis of all the sophisticated marketing tactics you can…

Marketing tech stack maturity with Scott Brinker

Hear more about the different dimensions of martech maturity from Scott Brinker and Frans Riemersma in this episode of Marketing Ops Now.

Marketing tech stack maturity with Ralf Strauss

In this episode of Marketing Ops Now, Frans Riemersma chats with Ralf Strauss to discover the many myths out there about martech solutions and stacks.

How to merge martech stacks

Merging martech stacks is not an easy feat. To get the how, why, what, and when of martech stack harmonization, Frans Riemersma talks with Scott Brinker.


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Allocadia Improves the Marketer’s Experience at Red Hat

David Schermbeck, Business Analyst at Red Hat, talks about Allocadia helps his company run marketing better by giving marketers more time to do marketing.

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