How to Forge Financial Alignment
Amidst Economic Uncertainty

Jim Williams

Chief Marketing Officer

Bret Sanford-Chung

Marketing Consulting Managing Director

The relationship between marketing and finance can feel like a battle for budget—one marketers often feel like they’re on the losing end of.

With every marketing team feeling the pinch of market conditions this year, there’s never been a more critical time to get on the same page with finance. How do we begin to build a relationship that creates transparency and fosters alignment?

Uptempo CMO Jim Williams, and KPMG Marketing Consulting Managing Director, Bret Sanford-Chung discuss how to:

  • Understand your counterparts in marketing and finance and what drives their perspective on achieving success

  • Rework business processes and operational challenges

  • Eliminate the marketing-finance language barrier that creates roadblocks in planning and reporting

  • Learn a new operational approach to marketing that creates alignment and visibility between marketing and finance

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