Plan, Pivot, & Repeat

Six marketing leaders share planning advice
in our two-part, on-demand webinar series

How do marketing leaders plan strategically and remain agile?

You can’t plan for everything. When plans are fail or are thrown a curveball, a fast pivot is exactly what’s needed.

How can marketers be flexible and innovative without drifting from the plan?


Watch our two-part webinar series to learn planning best practices and get advice from six expert marketing leaders.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Keep your team aligned to strategy
  • Stay agile with planning processes
  • Build innovation into your plans

PART 1: Panel with Visa, Cisco, and NSF

Watch our first panel discussion with speakers Avnita Gulati, Ron Myers, and Thomas Gunter. 

PART 2: Panel with Hyland, ON24, and WEKA

Watch our first panel discussion with speakers Cheri Hulse, Marc McNabb, and Sean Hiss.

Guest speakers
Avnita Gulati

Senior director, global marketing strategy and operations


Ron Myers

Performance marketing
and operations


Thomas Gunter

Director, growth marketing planning and operations


Cheri Hulse

VP, strategy and research


Marc McNabb

VP, marketing operations and strategy

Hyland Software

Sean Hiss

Vice president, GTM operations


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