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Sales, marketing, and rev ops unite!

Moving from bad blood to badass

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RevGenius | RevCon 2022

Let’s face it. The relationship between sales, marketing, and rev ops isn’t always a smooth one. This disconnection (or sometimes all-out battle) can result in more than just a bad day, including big-ticket items like missed market opportunities and growth targets. 

Marketing ideas can stem from all corners of an organization. Everyone wants to grow the business, but it doesn’t mean all ideas are necessarily good ones. Without strategy and metrics in place to lead data-driven decision-making, our efforts can become reactive in nature, actually doing more harm than good. 

What if we changed the conversation from leads and ideas to ROI-driven marketing? Marketing that’s trackable and can be tied to sales and revenue impact will get sales leaders to perk up, and rev ops can be a strategic partner in this endeavor. 

Top takeaways

  • How flipping the conversation to ROI-driven marketing can make a positive impact on the relationship with sales and rev ops
  • How marketing leaders can shed their arts-and-crafts reputation and show they deserve a seat at the leadership table
  • Putting all of this into action and how technology can connect your marketing strategy to the bottom line

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Thao Ngo

SVP, marketing


emily ward
Emily Ward

VP, global marketing


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