Stop Random Acts of Marketing Measurement

Marketers are becoming increasingly accountable for demonstrating their impact – Forrester research reveals that 82% of CMOs have goals that align with revenue targets.

Yet 61% of B2B marketers indicate that “lack of defined metrics to measure success” will be a major or moderate challenge over the next 12 months.

That’s a problem. How can a marketing organization drive revenue impact that the CMO needs if the metrics aren’t there to define and guide to them to success? The only way to overcome this challenge is following new rules that enable them to measure less – be more focused – and use these measurements to drive greater impact.

During this webinar Senior Analyst, Allison Snow at Forrester will discuss 6 new rules that enable marketers to define success as a prerequisite for any “measuring” activities, and how to turn measurements into drivers of positive outcomes.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Example metrics to focus on
  • Practical advice on redefining marketing measurement in your organization
  • The 6 new rules for predefining marketing success
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