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So why do so many CMOs struggle to drive the growth agenda?

According to a McKinsey & Company study:

83% of CEOs expect marketing leaders to be a growth driver for the business, yet only 25% feel marketing is actually delivering on this mandate

Why? Strategizing, monitoring, analyzing and adjusting is not taking place consistently.

Volatile market situations such as those caused by the pandemic have provided us with some critical lessons on the need to connect strategy to value. Effectively fueling your growth plan demands streamlined processes and an integrated platform for planning, tracking marketing investments and measuring performance. Disconnected spreadsheets and disparate data just won’t cut it anymore as you can’t get the accurate answers you need in time to pivot.

Simply answer a couple questions below, and you’ll receive a detailed assessment of the results you can expect from implementing Uptempo, including:

  • Increased budget accuracy to ensure you hit your goals
  • Improvements to marketing operational efficiencies
  • Time and cost savings, and
  • A greater impact on revenue

If you’re unsure of all the answers, use your best estimates or follow the guidelines we’ve provided. Questions? Check out our FAQs.

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