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how to make a business case for marketing operations software

Make a business case

Are you using:

  • Dozens of spreadsheets?
  • Finance tools like EPM or ERP?
  • A homegrown solution that is no longer scalable?

Our overview helps you make the business case for adopting an end-to-end marketing operations platform specifically designed for marketing.  

My top two tips for success during the buying journey are to document your road map upfront and to bring your stakeholders along for the ride through continued communication. Don’t run from stakeholder objections either. Addressing possible issues head on will save you time and headaches in the implementation phase.

Chloe Washington, Chief of Staff to the CMO

Build a buying committee

Buying marketing operations software typically involves six to 10 decision makers who can have different priorities and expectations. We’ll help you bring the right people to the table from the start. 

Our buying committee guide will help you:

  • Identify the most appropriate stakeholders.
  • Ask questions that engage each decision maker.
  • Ensure everyone understands the purchase and its implications.
Gather your stakeholders
how to build a buying committee

If you’re looking at marketing operations software, I recommend speaking to current customers to get their thoughts and advice. Several people on our team used Uptempo at previous companies. As soon as they joined Couchbase, they drove the search for a solution to replace the manual marketing reporting and tracking.

Suzanne Loftus, Marketing Program Manager

marketing operations software

The ultimate buyer’s guide to marketing operations software

From analytics and reporting to workflow automation and CRM integration, our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide will help you evaluate all the possible marketing operations software features to consider. Figure out what matters most to your team, and make an informed decision about the software that fits your needs. 

Prioritize your needs

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