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Finance & Budget Management Challenges & Opportunities

It´s time to move beyond spreadsheet budget mangement. Learn what your fellow marketers are saying and doing to meet the challenges of finance and budget planning.

Maximize the value of your marketing budget with agility and visibility

Read our latest report and find out what enterprise marketing financial management decision-makers are saying and doing to meet the challenges imposed by finance and budget planning in a post-pandemic world. The report provides insights into the results of

The study shows a significant gap between perceived budget effectiveness and actual operational performance in marketing organizations today. Only 30% of marketers could reallocate budget spending based on campaign performance within a week.

Key findings include

  • Most marketers spend more time on budget management than they would like.
  • Current budget management tools create automation, visibility, control, and collaboration challenges that result in marketers lacking the agility they need to maximize marketing ROI.
  • Enterprise MRM solutions can help solve many of the collaboration and visibility challenges caused by use of multiple tools like spreadsheets.

Forrester Report
Download the report “Centralize And Automate Financial Management To Drive Agility And Elevate Marketing“ and find out how to address these challenges with real-time tracking, flexibility, and transparency.

Webinar Recording

Automate Your Financial Management to Drive Agility and Real-Time Optimization

In this webinar, Rusty Warner, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, provides valuable insights into the results of the research study.

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