The Marketing Leader’s Guide to Data Strategy

87% percent of marketers say their top marketing goal for the next year is using data more successfully. We wrote this paper to show you how and provide a path forward.

Sam Melnick, Vice President of Marketing Insights & Growth, Allocadia

Marketing is hard. Of course it is also fun, entertaining, challenging, mentally stimulating, and overall a fantastic profession. Why else would we willingly choose to spend a large portion of our waking hours on this profession? But it is okay to say it: Marketing is hard.

While there are infinite possibilities for how to approach marketing, we at Allocadia believe there is a singular path to help marketing organizations as a whole make better decisions. That answer is data. In fact, your business depends on it. According to research by Harvard Business Review, companies with advanced data strategies are twice as likely to grow revenue by 30%.

If you’re interested in improving your data strategy, read our new eBook to continue reading how it provides a framework to make better decisions, optimize resources, and maximize marketing performance.

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