Hive9 Planning & Collaboration, Financial Management & Purchasing Support, and Performance & Attribution

Hive9 brings all of your marketing activities, spending and performance insights into one collaborative place. We do this to make marketers’ lives better and to significantly improve their impact on the business.

The quickest starting point is Marketing Planning & Collaboration, where we provide a flexible calendar, goal-setting and standards in as short as two weeks’ time. 

Through Marketing Financial Management & Purchasing Support, we also manage all of your money, fully integrated to your finance department, to save time and eliminate surprises.

Finally, our Marketing Performance & Attribution capabilities combine predictions, attribution and taking action to improve your plan.

  • Get out of spreadsheets

    Spreadsheets are silos filled with errors, virtually ensuring that plans remain static. Hive9 planning enables visibility across all aspects of your marketing organization.
  • Bring order to the madness

    Hive9 offers structured campaign hierarchies and customized segmentation across all planning levels.
  • Set goals and predict results

    With revenue modeling and custom goal-setting, Hive9 ensures that your plans are aligned to your goals.
  • Customize the content included in your calendar

    Select which attributes you want calendar users to be able to see.
  • Planning and finance are different

    Hive9 enables marketers to plan according to their go-to-market strategy while still aligning to finance.
  • Import finance budgets “as-is”

    Import your “n”-level finance budgets and connect them to your marketing plans.
  • Import actual expenses

    Hive9 has support for actual financial integration with back-office systems.
  • Two points of view are better than one

    Finance and marketing each need their own point of view, with the comfort of knowing they’re looking at the same data.

  • Advanced predictive modeling

    Hive9 revenue models understand waterfall conversion rates, stage velocities and average deal sizes. 
  • Custom goal-setting and measurement

    Set custom goals in your Hive9 plans and then track their performance.
  • Import actual performance from multiple sources

    Hive9 can pull data from CRM, marketing automation, analytics and file-based exports.
  • Stack-rank the performance of your campaigns

    Choose the stacking metric based on your needs, and see the full details down to the tactics of what’s working and what’s not.