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How Land O’Lakes Connects Marketing Plans to Performance

The number of devices, platforms, and channels that consumers engage on today is…

3 Signs That You’re Stuck in the Fog of Marketing

There’s a disconnect in marketing. Have you felt it? Over the last decade,…

5 Tips from Marketing Leaders to Do More with Less

Right now, there really isn’t a way around marketing budget cuts. Over the…

A Rally Cry for Change: HubSpot’s Streamlined Operations

HubSpot is a world-renowned source of expertise and marketing best practices. But there’s…

What’s a Good Martech Investment Instead of a Super Bowl Ad?

Instead of spending $5 million on a Super Bowl ad, what’s another good martech investment? Start with shoring up your stack foundations and then building out toward more advanced functions.

Why Two Budgets Are Better Than One

Marketing and finance need to be sure they are seeing the same budget data and that everything adds up as it should.

Best Practices for Managing Your Marketing Budget

Every organization’s marketing budget process is a little different, but these general recommendations apply to the majority of marketing teams.

Best Practices for Building out a Marketing Budget

Here are some things to keep in mind as you itemize a marketing budget with all the activities and funds to support your marketing strategy for the upcoming quarter or year.

Best Practices for Organizing Your Marketing Budget

Here are some recommendations for the very beginning of your marketing budget’s life: that crucial time when your team is making decisions about how to organize and structure its marketing budget.

Marketing, Are You & Finance Aligned? Five Evergreen Tips for Getting in Sync

You want finance and marketing to be on the same page, of course, but they’re in different departments for a reason; they have different functions within the organization, so obviously they’re not going to do their jobs in the same way.

Resilience: The New Marketing Theme of the 2020s?

The year 2020 demonstrated why clear visibility into plans more than just once a year, half or even quarter is essential for marketing leaders. If you can’t see what’s happening in the first place, you’re not going to be able to adjust accordingly for sudden market changes.

From Siloed Planning to Effective Marketing Operations—A Transformation Story

What was the vehicle for achieving such a radical marketing transformation? Uptempo’s marketing operations and resource management system, which gave FARO one source of truth for their marketing planning, spend, and ROI.

Finance Needs Accountability: Get on the Same Page with Marketing

Why you must align your marketing plan with finance to avoid problems.

ROI vs. Attribution: The Best Way to Measure Marketing Performance

Marketing activities don’t happen in a vacuum: they move the needle for your…

Growth Hacking: Can You do it Without Marketing & Finance Alignment?

High-growth organizations are three times more likely to have collaborative marketing and finance teams. What’s holding you back? 

3 Ways to Make Finance a Trusted Partner

Did you know that high-growth organizations are three times more likely to have collaborative marketing and finance teams? Partnering with finance is the smart move for a marketer, and we’re here to show you how.


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CMO x CFO – How to Forge Financial Alignment Amidst Economic Uncertainty

With budgets being slashed and economic turbulence shaking up the marketing plan, the relationship between marketing and finance is more important than ever.

The Rising Role of Marketing Chief of Staff

Over the last few years, the marketing Chief of Staff (CoS) role has become more prevalent, both in B2B and B2C companies. And there’s good reason for it.

The Strategic Marketing Planning Workshop with Forrester

Allocadia hosts The Strategic Marketing Planning Workshop with Forrester analyst Brett Kahnke to share guidance on 2022 planning.

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Energy Provider Case Study

Having used Uptempo’s Hive9 platform on a global scale, their teams have improved collaboration and visibility around planning, as well as more effectively managed and reconciled budgets and expenses with finance.

PwC Case Study

As PwC has evolved its marketing strategy, Uptempo’s planning and financial management capabilities have proven to be an essential part of the journey.

How Box doubled the efficiency of their marketing spend

Prior to implementing Uptempo’s Allocadia platform, the Box marketing team had a 4:1 return on their investments. After, it was 9:1.

How GE Digital doubled ROMI in one year

With Uptempo’s Allocadia platform, GE Digital is showing the impact marketing has on the overall business.

Emerging from the fog: How FARO completely transformed marketing

Using Uptempo’s Hive9, FARO increased marketing-sourced revenue by 93.4%—while still cutting spend.


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Current B2B marketing challenges, according to Scott Vaughan

Vaughan’s last position enabled him to see current B2B marketing challenges, how that puts extra pressure on CMOs, and how that has a rippling effect on marketing operations and martech. 

Solving the riddle of tying marketing performance to strategy

Using real-life examples, Ralf and Frans describe how companies solved the riddle of linking marketing performance to strategy.

Martech trends for 2022

What’s new in the ever-changing martech landscape? Get the lowdown with Scott Brinker.


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CMO Beth: Beth’s marketing budget allocation is all guesswork, and the CFO isn’t impressed

Beth’s marketing team just needs a little more budget to hit their targets. But when she goes to the CFO, the conversation quickly turns into an embarrassing and potentially career-ending interaction.

Allocadia Improves the Marketer’s Experience at Red Hat

David Schermbeck, Business Analyst at Red Hat, talks about Allocadia helps his company run marketing better by giving marketers more time to do marketing.

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