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How Land O’Lakes Connects Marketing Plans to Performance

The number of devices, platforms, and channels that consumers engage on today is…

A Rally Cry for Change: HubSpot’s Streamlined Operations

HubSpot is a world-renowned source of expertise and marketing best practices. But there’s…

Your Marketing Campaign Shouldn’t Take Ages to Launch

Learn how revenue-centric marketing leaders like Denise and Christine plan better, work more efficiently, demonstrate their value, and align themselves with corporate strategy so that everyone is rowing in the same direction.

B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment is No Longer Optional

The discussion about whether or not sales and marketing need to work together just isn’t a discussion anymore. This alignment is critical to B2B success.

Tracking the Impact of Your Marketing Plans During Uncertain Times

Many marketers’ changing plans require specialized attention through responsive planning.

The Reverse Waterfall: I Need How Many Inquiries to Hit My Revenue Target?!

Developing a demand waterfall is a critical exercise for your marketing organization. But have you implemented the reverse waterfall?

The Foundation of a Successful Agile Marketing Team: Centralization

Launching a successful agile marketing team starts with planning, training and, importantly, a centralized and collaborative platform.

The CRM “Lead” Conundrum: Why Did They Have to Get it So Wrong?

When it comes to marketing and CRM systems, we have gotten the term “lead” wrong for decades, causing a great deal of problems for many organizations.

Revisiting 2020 Marketing Strategies: What’s New?

Looking back at 2020 marketing predictions, you might notice advice that ended up being pretty spot-on, a little inaccurate, or maybe even more relevant than you anticipated.

Connected Marketing Operations: Planning to Performance

Over the years, the amount of tools, tactics, and data marketers have the…

Best Practices for Organizing Your Marketing Budget

Here are some recommendations for the very beginning of your marketing budget’s life: that crucial time when your team is making decisions about how to organize and structure its marketing budget.

Why Spreadsheets Still Aren’t Great for Marketing Management

When it comes to a remote environment and shifting budgets in particular, spreadsheets aren’t the most useful tool for organization; it’s easy for data to get lost in the shuffle. Instead, marketing leaders need one single source of truth

Marketing, Are You & Finance Aligned? Five Evergreen Tips for Getting in Sync

You want finance and marketing to be on the same page, of course, but they’re in different departments for a reason; they have different functions within the organization, so obviously they’re not going to do their jobs in the same way.

A Day in the Life: Customer Marketing Manager

Kira Kletti, our multilingual customer marketing manager at Uptempo, is learning how to connect with 350+ enterprise companies—all from her desk in Germany.

What is Strategic Marketing Planning?

Developing and managing a strategic marketing plan is crucial to reaching your business objectives. So, what is the best strategic marketing planning process?

Adopting an Agile Marketing Approach? Don’t Forget a Few Key Things

A common misconception of agile marketing is that teams don’t have to plan; rather, they just have to “do.” This sounds great, but only on the surface.

Are You Seeing the Marketing Big Picture?

You can all build better marketing campaigns based on what others in your larger marketing department know. But only if that information gets shared.

How to Create an Integrated Marketing Plan (And Why You Need One)

The concept behind integrated marketing may be simple, but the execution may require serious changes. Here’s how to create an integrated marketing plan.

How Mature Is Your Marketing Organization?

With so much data at our fingertips, it’s easy to get distracted by the smaller marketing metrics and miss seeing the big picture. A mature marketing department has soared above giving disproportionate attention to activity metrics and looks to what really influences revenue.

Metrics That Should be in Every CMO Dashboard

When you review your marketing analytics now, what does that process look like? If you’re like most marketing professionals, it probably involves lots of spreadsheets. In fact, 60% of executives still depend on Excel spreadsheets to view their data.

Marketing Forecasting 101

As marketers, we’re constantly working to predict future outcomes. We must both anticipate what tactics are most likely to pay off and how long they’ll take to begin yielding results.

Six Reasons Marketers Should Stop Relying on Spreadsheets

Whether you’re an Excel friend investigating potential new ways to go about managing your marketing data or an Excel foe who’s had enough and wants to do away with spreadsheets once and for all, here are six reasons you should consider making the move.

Product Marketing: Breaking Down the Keys to Success

Instead of creating content and simply hoping it drives success in the end, product marketers should focus on being less reactive and more proactive, helping drive a structured planning process from start to finish.

Marketing Performance Woes? You Might Just Have a Marketing Planning Problem

If you’re struggling to survive in a constantly dynamic and changing marketing environment by focusing on one or more individual components of your marketing plans, look instead to the plans themselves.

Pandemic Pivoting: Four Successful Marketing Strategies from Big Brands

Here are a few key marketing strategies that proved successful when marketing success sometimes looked grim.

The Falling Tenure of the CMO: How to Help Turn the Numbers Around

A CMO’s ability to demonstrate ROI and prove the value of marketing is more important than ever. Not only do they need to balance the demands of the ever-changing (and inevitably uncertain) marketing environment, but they also must keep an eye toward sustaining viability in the long term.

The Pros and Cons of 9 Marketing Attribution Models

Revenue attribution may not be actively deployed in every marketing organization yet, but it’s increasingly in use by the ones that really care about tracking ROI.


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2023 – Forrester – The Power of Connected Marketing Processes

Watch this brief video featuring Jessica Liu, a senior Forrester analyst and guest speaker as she shares her insights on:

– Where marketing processes typically break down
– What’s required to ensure a consistent marketing planning and budgeting process, and
– How technology can support processes and various workstreams

The Rising Role of Marketing Chief of Staff

Over the last few years, the marketing Chief of Staff (CoS) role has become more prevalent, both in B2B and B2C companies. And there’s good reason for it.

Insider Advice: What Martech Leaders Wish You Knew

Darrell Alfonso breaks down five key things marketing leaders wish their marketing ops pros knew, and how to tell them.

Your GTM Playbook in an Unpredictable World

In this webinar, April Dunford shares how to gain a competitive advantage in an unpredictable marketing climate.


What if we changed the conversation from leads and ideas to ROI-driven marketing? Marketing that’s trackable and can be tied to sales and revenue impact will get sales leaders to perk up, and rev ops can be a strategic partner in this endeavor. 

Why marketing leaders should fix their planning problem

Learn how to tackle common marketing pain points by looking first at any deficiencies in the marketing planning process.

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Energy Provider Case Study

Having used Uptempo’s Hive9 platform on a global scale, their teams have improved collaboration and visibility around planning, as well as more effectively managed and reconciled budgets and expenses with finance.

PwC Case Study

As PwC has evolved its marketing strategy, Uptempo’s planning and financial management capabilities have proven to be an essential part of the journey.

How Commvault Built a Closed-Loop Integrated Tech Stack, Saving Marketers Time

We interviewed the Senior Marketing Manager at Commvault about changes they made to optimize marketing performace with Allocadia.


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Measuring marketing performance: How the North Star method can help

More than 87% of marketing teams say they are not able to measure…

Current B2B marketing challenges, according to Scott Vaughan

Vaughan’s last position enabled him to see current B2B marketing challenges, how that puts extra pressure on CMOs, and how that has a rippling effect on marketing operations and martech. 

Marketing playbooks with Ralf Strauss

Unlike other departments, marketing is not really familiar with playbooks. But it definitely helps bring discipline to a team by describing all the important definitions and processes.

Four major marketing ops challenges, according to Marketing Tech Monitor

Marketing Tech Monitor is an annual benchmark study of marketing technology and strategy…

What skills do marketing ops leaders need?

Hear more about the three marketing ops functions from Scott Brinker and Frans Riemersma.

Why the marketing ops role is your organization’s secret weapon

Frans Riemersma chats with Anita Brearton, who is very active in the Boston…

Marketing tech stack maturity with Scott Brinker

Hear more about the different dimensions of martech maturity from Scott Brinker and Frans Riemersma in this episode of Marketing Ops Now.

What defines a strong marketing ops leader?

Finance skills are often overlooked in the marketing operations role. In this podcast, Frans Riemersma talks with Informa Markets’ Michael Hartmann, who heads up marketing ops but has a background in finance. Learn more about the importance of finance knowledge, in addition to more commonly seen skills, to the success of those in the role. 

Marketing playbooks with Scott Brinker

Learn from Scott Brinker and Frans Riemersma why well-adopted playbooks can help marketers to prevent poor marketing execution.

How to succeed in the ever-expanding martech world

Martech has been eating marketing’s lunch for the past decade. Looking at the explosion of martech—from 150 solutions in 2011 to well over 8,000 solutions in 2020—marketers need a plan to deal with this expanding landscape. Listen to Scott Brinker, a real martech pioneer, to find out what marketing capabilities you need to succeed.

How to navigate the growing spread martech

“Buy first, think later” is often marketers’ approach for acquiring new martech solutions. But over the last decade, as the number of martech solutions has exploded, marketers need to find a way to get the most value out of their stack.

How to merge martech stacks

Merging martech stacks is not an easy feat. To get the how, why, what, and when of martech stack harmonization, Frans Riemersma talks with Scott Brinker.

What makes a good maturity model in marketing?

In this episode, Scott and Frans discuss how maturity models show, in a structured way, which disciplines to develop.

What marketing ops learned for 2022

In a special episode of Marketing Ops Now, Frans Riemersma, Dunja Riehemann, Ralf Strauss, and Scott Brinker reminisce on the most impactful marketing trends of 2021, surprises (both good and bad), trials and tribulations, and other discoveries.

The Future CMO

What will the role of the CMO look like in 2022? In this podcast, Scott Brinker predicts what will stay the same, what will change, and what marketing leaders can do.

How to avoid common martech rollout pitfalls

What are the most common pitfalls in martech stack implementation? Offering tips for a fast, easy, and efficient marketing software rollout, Frans Riemersma talks with Ralf Strauss to go over the most important things to focus on before you begin your implementation.

Global marketing planning and steering: How to reel in consistent results

How do you effectively plan across 14 different global markets while maintaining brand consistency? For Norwegian Seafood Council, it comes down to having a marketing resource management system to standardize and manage plans, maintain a centralized process, and keep everyone swimming in the same direction.

How to implement agile marketing

What are some of the best-kept secrets to successful agile marketing implementation? Scott…


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CMO Beth: Could marketing reporting get any worse for Beth?

Marketing reporting is always a scramble to find all the right spreadsheets. Will Beth be ready for the board meeting?

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